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Hammer Gel—“Nutterly” Delicious Nut Flavors Back in Stock!


It took a bit longer than any of us wanted or expected (good things sometimes do), but we’re super excited to announce that all three of our nut-containing flavors of Hammer Gel are back in stock! That’s right, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter-Chocolate, and Nocciola (Hazelnut-Chocolate) are available again in single-serving packets!

Courtesy of the naturally occurring protein in the nuts (1 gram/serving) and fat (2.5 – 3.5 grams/serving), these three super-delicious flavors of Hammer Gel can definitely be considered “ultra,” meaning that you can use them as a primary fuel during your longer workouts and races. This opens the door to increased usage possibilities, such as during the run portion of a half or full-iron distance triathlon or during any ultradistance event (hint: our ultrarunner athletes LOVE using these three flavors!)

The protein component will help protect against lean muscle tissue cannibalization during prolonged bouts of exercise. The fat component—none of which is in the form of trans fats—will help stave off hunger pangs while also cueing your body to release its fatty acids stores more liberally, those fat-supplied calories satisfying up to two-thirds of your energy requirements.

Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter-Chocolate, and Nocciola—all three “nutterly” delicious flavors are back in stock!

Why Hammer Gel?

There are tons of energy gels on the market, and Hammer Gel might look similar to a lot of them, but it’s what’s inside that counts. Just take a look at the label. If you see anything ending in “ose” (e.g., glucose) listed on there, that energy gel contains simple sugar. By the way, if you see “cane sugar” or “honey” listed on the label, that too is simple sugar.

Simple sugar is something you want to avoid. Aside from the serious and multiple threats to your health— See the article “146 Reasons to Avoid Sugar” for more—simple sugar causes rapid, performance-ruining swings in energy levels, as well as digestive distress.

The bottom line is using simple sugars to fuel your body is similar to lighting a piece of paper on fire. You get a fast heat, but it's a very limited amount. It burns out quickly and you have to continually feed the fire. That's flat-out inefficient and counterproductive. Check the labels on energy gels for "ose" sugar, cane sugar, or honey and avoid them; you don't want or need that garbage in your body.

Instead, rely on Hammer Gel, which contains the complex carbohydrate maltodextrin and absolutely no added simple sugars. Here’s why maltodextrin is a superior carbohydrate:

  • Maltodextrin has a Glycemic Index value of 100 (some suggest it could be even higher). A GI of 100 is equal to glucose and higher than sucrose (58-65) and fructose (12-25). Maltodextrin raises energy levels as effectively as glucose and does it faster than other simple sugars, a highly desirable effect during and immediately following exercise.
  • Maltodextrin allows the body to digest a greater volume of calories than simple sugars without a delayed exit from the GI tract. This eliminates the potential for stomach distress (no gut bombs!) while supplying the body with more calories for energy production. As one nutritional scientist states, “maltodextrin allows one to swallow more energy in less volume.”
  • Maltodextrin is dozens upon dozens of saccharide molecules weakly bonded together, which is why it’s referred to as a complex carbohydrate. Compared to simple sugars—which are only one- or two-chain saccharide molecules—maltodextrin provides a more stable, longer-lasting energy without the “flash and crash” that’s normally associated with simple sugars.

Use Hammer Gel to Experience:

  • Smooth and easy digestion.
  • No “gut bomb” effects—bloating, nausea, acid reflux, diarrhea, and more—that occur from products containing inferior ingredients.
  • Quick-acting, long-lasting energy.
  • A variety of palate-pleasing flavors.

Since 1995, Hammer Gel has set the pace for providing athletes with quality carbohydrate energy in a convenient, concentrated form. In today's flooded market of energy products, Hammer Gel remains uniquely formulated to ensure peak athletic performance—every time!


Could you make this in a chocolate mint flavor?
Hammer Nutrition replied:
Hi Makon, Thank you for your question, we’ll certainly take it under consideration. With the realities of manufacturing and supply chain today, we’ll be happy if we can keep our existing flavors in stock, let alone add new ones. BDF

Makon M Ford

Why can’t you offer nociola in 26oz jug?
Hammer Nutrition replied:
Hi Gary, Thank you for your question. We are working on this with the new manufacturer, but it’s going to take some more time. We hope to have all three nut flavors in bulk jugs by year end. Bonus will be pre-filled 5 serving flasks as well. We’ll be telling everyone as soon as we have firm dates. BDF

Gary Chu

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