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From Fat and 40 to Winning a World Championship

Cycling team's emphasis on health and nutrition changes lives

In 1983, Cale Reeder was 19 years old and a member of the U.S. National Elite Cycling Team. He weighed in at 129 pounds. Thirteen years and several business start-ups later, Reeder tipped the scales at 185 - his bike long forgotten. "When a coworker and I went out for a bike ride, sometime in 1996, I realized I had a problem," recalled Reeder. He began riding his bike to work three days a week and lost 20 pounds, yet still hovered around 165 - not suitable for his old climbing prowess. In 2008 Reeder decided he wanted to race again. Knowing he would need to lose more weight to be competitive, Reeder joined the Hammer Nutrition Men's National Cycling team and began following their steps for proper fueling and weight loss.

The Hammer Difference

"What struck me was that Hammer did not try to push their products," said Reeder. "If anything, they showed me how to eat less and manage what I consume. I cut out many sugars and glutens. I stopped eating 3 hours before training and often 4 hours before races, and I finished eating at least 3 hours before bed." Reeder also used Appestat, a Hammer supplement that curbs appetite, helps boost fat metabolism, and blocks carb absorption.

Within a year Reeder was down to a lean 145. "Changing my diet and eating habits has been a lifestyle change for me. I actually enjoy the foods I eat and the habits I've created. I rarely eat refined sugars, breads, or pastas, and I'm on a mostly gluten free diet. I still get plenty of healthy carbs from fruits and vegetables."

Reeder's efforts paid off. In 2010 he won his age 45-49 at the U.S. National Road Championships in Louisville, KY. In 2012, he won the World Time Trial Championships in Wartburg, South Africa. Reeder's training and race day fueling arsenal includes Hammer Gel, Sustained Energy, Hammer Bars, Endurolytes, Recoverite, and Whey Protein. "My daily regimen of Premium Insurance Caps, Race Caps Supreme, Mito Caps, EndurOmega, and Tissue Rejuvenator complements my healthier lifestyle, and helps give me that extra edge, year- round."

Hammer Nutrition/53x11 National Masters Team

The Hammer Nutrition/53x11 National Masters Team is a men's cycling team comprised of 10 top masters (age 45+) racers from the U.S. and Canada. The team competes nationally in USA Cycling sanctioned road and stage races. Although it has been one of the most decorated masters teams in USA Cycling over the last three years, many members are new to the sport or are reentrants - like Reeder - returning at a later age. The team emphasizes health, nutrition, and well-being as a vital aspect of training and racing.

Join Team Hammer!

If you race "unattached" in U.S. Cycling Federation (USCF) events, we can help! Just buy one or more of our race kits and you can have USCF change your license to "Team Hammer Nutrition." When you see other Team Hammer Nutrition riders registered for a race, you can work together instead of riding solo. But that's not the only benefit. If you're an active member of Team Hammer Nutrition, you can purchase a short sleeve jersey and cycling shorts or a bib at 15% off the retail price. Additional kit items also will be discounted. More pricing information will be available when you order.

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