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New Product: Endurolytes Extreme Powder

Endurolytes Extreme Powder Highlight

March 7th, 2018

Endurolytes Powder is back, new and improved - a new way to Hammer, cramp-free!

About Endurolytes Extreme Powder

All the benefits of our best-selling Endurolytes Extreme capsules - in an easy-to-mix powder! This new formula dissolves quickly and completely, with a subtle, natural and pleasant watermelon flavor. Consume in water alone or add it to your liquid fuels according to your unique dosing needs. The mild flavor makes it easy to drink all day, while the lack of residue makes it perfect for hydration packs and bottles of any forms.

Endurolytes Extreme has three times the sodium and potassium, and a softer flavor profile, than Endurolytes Fizz. It's the perfect solution for:

  • Those who dislike consuming capsules
  • Those whose electrolyte needs are high
  • Those who use multi-hour bottles of fuel

Regardless of the conditions, duration, or intensity of your activities, Endurolytes Extreme Powder has you covered!

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