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Supreme support for the toughest conditions


There are times in your training and racing when you'll need greater amounts of specific electrolytic minerals. That's precisely why we introduced Endurolytes Extreme four years ago, and the feedback we've received since then has been nothing short of fantastic!

Knowing that Endurolytes Extreme has served athletes so well is the main reason why we're so excited to have another option of this great product available: Endurolytes Extreme Powder. Using specific forms of the same minerals that are in the encapsulated version, and also containing three times the sodium chloride and potassium as the original Endurolytes product, Endurolytes Extreme Powder dissolves quickly and completely, leaving no residue. It's perfect for use in hydration packs and bottles of any form.

Endurolytes Extreme Powder has a very subtle natural watermelon flavor, enough to take the edge off some of the not-so-great taste of some of the minerals, but without ever overwhelming your taste buds with flavor. That's why you can consume Endurolytes Extreme Powder in water alone, or you can add it to any flavor of HEED, Perpetuem, Sustained Energy, and Recoverite, without altering the original taste.

While 1-2 scoops of Endurolytes Extreme Powder should cover your electrolytic mineral needs under most circumstances, you'll still want to carry some Endurolytes Extreme capsules with you, just in case you need additional support, above and beyond the dose you've mixed in your bottle(s). You may never need to use this back-up supply but you'll feel better knowing that you have them with you.

Just like Endurolytes Extreme in capsules, Endurolytes Extreme Powder is ideal for the following conditions and circumstances:

1. If you're not acclimated to the weather conditions. When the weather is hotter than you're used to, you must alter a few things to succeed in your workout or race, including electrolyte replenishment plans. First, you must slow down; you simply can't do "business as usual," pace-wise. Equally important, you must lower your caloric intake, while conscientiously increasing your fluid and electrolyte intake. Endurolytes Extreme Powder will help you fulfill your body's exceptionally high electrolytic mineral needs more completely.

2. If you don't like taking capsules. Endurolytes Extreme Powder is the perfect solution.

3. If you consume a high-sodium diet. We will keep advocating the health and performance-enhancing benefits of a low-sodium diet, and continue to urge you to limit your dietary sodium intake to 1,500-2,300 mg a day (that's 3,750-5,750 mg of salt). The less sodium (salt) you consume, the less sodium your body will lose during exercise. As you transition to a lower-sodium diet, you will need to replenish with more sodium during exercise.

4. If you are "physiologically predisposed" to cramping. Some athletes have cramping problems, even after following our fluid and electrolyte replenishment recommendations (which consistently work for the overwhelming majority of athletes.) For example, we have a few clients who, due to their unique physiology, need to take 6 or more Endurolytes capsules hourly, even under mild weather conditions, or they experience cramping problems. Athletes who have unusually high sweat rates (which means higher-than-normal sodium losses as well) also fall into this category.

5. If you are just beginning early season training. The less fit you are, and especially if your early season training is intense and/or long in duration, the more sodium, chloride, and potassium you will lose. Until your fitness level increases and your body becomes more efficient, Endurolytes Extreme Powder is your go-to electrolyte replenishment product.

Endurolytes Extreme Powder has you covered, guaranteed to resolve even the toughest electrolyte replenishment challenges!

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