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5 reasons why Premium Insurance Caps should be YOUR multi!

For optimal health and enhanced athletic performance, you must aim to consistently consume a high quality diet - not just for the vitamins and minerals, but primarily for the beneficial phytonutrients, enzymes, and fiber. To augment that, "filling in the gaps" between what your diet should contain and what it actually does provide, daily supplementation with a high quality vitamin/mineral supplement is equally important. Here's what makes Premium Insurance Caps stand out from the rest:

1. Optimum, not minimum, amounts - Unlike many vitamin/mineral supplements that contain inadequate Reference Daily Intake (RDI) amounts of nutrients, Premium Insurance Caps is formulated with Optimum Daily Intake (ODI) amounts of the highest quality vitamins and minerals. Dr. Shari Lieberman hits the nail on the head about why the use of ODI amounts in supplementation is so vital: "RDIs reflect amounts that are adequate to prevent nutrient-deficiency diseases, and are not tailored for individual needs. In order to attain a state of optimum health and disease prevention, we must take into our bodies optimum - not minimum - amounts of vitamins and minerals."

NOTE: Premium Insurance Caps contain superb levels of the B complex vitamins, amounts that replicate many stress support formulas, thus making those products unnecessary in your supplement regimen.

2. Capsules, not tablets - The nutrients in Premium Insurance Caps are contained within a two-piece all-vegetable capsule; that means they will dissolve much more rapidly and thoroughly than tablets would, so your body actually will receive the nutrients you're consuming. Because tablets can take longer to break down, they often irritate the intestinal lining, causing stomach discomfort. Additionally, tablets can pass through the entire digestive system only partially dissolved, or completely un-dissolved. Either way, your body does not get the full volume of nutrients you ingested, which means you're not really getting what you paid for.

3. Highly-assimilated, amino acid-chelated minerals - For many minerals, there are several forms available, all with differing absorption rates. Some companies use inexpensive forms of minerals in their products; e.g., magnesium in the oxide form or calcium in the carbonate form. Unfortunately, these less expensive forms are not as well absorbed as other forms, such as the amino acid chelates used in Premium Insurance Caps.

4. Multiple digestive enzymes for maximum nutrient absorption - It's not what you consume, it's what you absorb. To aid the absorption of nutrients, Premium Insurance Caps includes digestive enzymes such as pepsin and papain.

5. Only beneficial nutrients, no "salt and pepper" - Some companies add auxiliary nutrients at levels that have no real value (what we call "salt and pepper" amounts). For example, some multivitamin/mineral supplements contain only 5 mg. of coenzyme Q10 or lipoic acid. Both are fantastic nutrients, but at that level you won't experience any true benefits. So even though a product's label may show a long list of auxiliary nutrients, you won't see results if the amounts are inconsequential. When you buy such a product, you're paying for a product that has little more than an impressive label. All of the nutrients included in Premium Insurance Caps are at levels that will provide real benefits.

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