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Nhan Nguyen

Ultra Running / Marathon

I am in Nhan (Yen) Nguyen from South Carolina.  Grew up here in the up states moving back and forth between Greenville and Spartanburg.  I ran cross country in high school,  college and continue in the sport still.  Ran road races before 5k to marathon distance for a while.  And then learned about ultra running and gave it a shot in 2017.  Jumping from road marathon to 100 miler, I got injured, failed miserably, DNF and told myself I would never do this again.  A week later I signed up for the exact same race the next year, hehe.  Tried to do 2-3 hundreds a year since.  

I feel like the hundred distance (or more) beat me down, drain all the physical energy and it is so mental, such a challenge.  All the highs and lows, like highest of highs and lowest of lows almost resembles life in a way.  The good soon will fade, the bad soon will fade.  It is how you deal with each situation in each moment in a calm way.

Besides running I love gardening (see instagram "mango_backyard_garden".)  Have a flower garden mixed with flowers and vegetables.  Besides work, most of my days are around running or gardening.  So not much time doing anything else.

I am mostly vegan, but when I go out I can just go as vegetarian.  Just want to reduce my footprint on this planet.

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