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Jeremy Hinkson

XC Mountain Biker - Hammering Since: 2010

Hi my name is Jeremy Hinkson and I have been using Hammer Products since 2010.  I had grown up racing bmx bikes and basically lived on my bike all summer long.  Once I graduated high school I kind of lost touch with biking. In 2008 a buddy turned me on to a race here in Marquette Michigan and I again got back on the bike and haven't looked back since.   Initially I found Hammer Nutrition through a bike shop in my home town.  The very first product I was introduced to was recoverite as I always hated that sore and tired feeling that seemed to linger after a ride.  I bought the vanilla recoverite single serving pack and tried it and have been hooked ever since.

In 2020 I became a Hammer sponsored athlete, although was a product ambassador for several years prior. I primarily compete in cross country mountain bike races although do enjoy some of the longer marathon and expedition adventure races.  The staples you will almost always find on me while out riding are hammer gels, anti fatigue caps, endurolytes, and perpetuem for those extremely long days in the saddle.   I do enjoy how Hammer products keep me energized, and feeling strong when I'm giving it my absolute all!!

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