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Flavie Dokken

Mountain Ultra Running - Hammering Since: 2021

Hey Hammerheads!

I am Flavie, and I have been with Hammer for 3 years. I am originally from the Alps in France and have been in the US since college. I relocated from Boulder, CO, to Whitefish, MT, in 2021 and knew I’d knock on Hammer’s doors right away! It’s been amazing to align my work with my passion for athletics and be able to help and interact with other athletes daily. My main sport is mountain ultra running, and my A race in 2024 will be Swiss Peak 360K. I also have 20 years (10 years competing) of experience in bodybuilding/strength training. Besides sponsorship, I handle events at Hammer and will be your go-to contact for entries to Hammer-sponsored events. Can’t wait for another year of Hammering!

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