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SweatVac Ventilator Cap

Stay Dry and Cool
  • Great under helmets in extreme heat (rated for temps and heat indexes from warm to very hot).
  • Fast-drying DriSmart™ shell keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable.
  • Thin fabric shell and four-way stretch mesh top providing seamless contour and excellent ventilation.
  • Transpor™ liner keeps the sweat out of your eyes.
  • 100% machine washable.
  • Sizing runs small.

How the SweatVac System Works
SweatVac products are engineered and designed using a unique blend of the finest technical fabrics. The SweatVac System is a multi-layer system which places Transpor fabric against your skin and wicking layers on the outside.

Transpor Fabric
Transpor fabrics are hydrophobic. They simply hate water and are 11 times more effective than any other product. As the graphic shows, our multi-layer technology channels vapor and moisture away from your skin and into the outer wicking layers, where they quickly evaporate.

Unlike other headwear, the material that touches your skin stays dry and comfortable, never soggy or clammy.

Why SweatVac:
Simply put, SweatVac is the finest athletic perspiration management system available. The SweatVac System allows your body's temperature regulating system to work efficiently, so you can perform at your peak, whatever the weather, humidity or activity level.


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