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Short Fueling Starter Kit

Ideal assortment for shorter distances

The Short Fueling Starter Kit is ideal for all courses or training lasting up to 2 hours. This kit is perfect for sampling all of Hammer Nutrition's delicious fueling flavors. View what's included in the kit below.



When purchasing the Short Fueling Starter Kit, you will receive the following:

  • 10 Hammer Gel single servings (various flavors)
  • 4 HEED single servings (various flavors)
  • 4 Recoverite single servings (various flavors)
  • 4 sample packs (4 each) of Endurolytes
  • 13-tablet tube of Endurolytes Fizz
  • 21 oz. Water Bottle
  • Capsule Dispenser

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