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Problem Solver: Stomach Distress


Many athletes, including the veteran athletes, have experienced some form of stomach distress in training or in a race. Here are a few ways to help:

  1. Remove all processed, simple sugar-based fuels from your training and events. Processed simple sugars wreck havoc on the entire digestive system and body, which increases the stress placed on the body.
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  2. Try to run on an all-liquid diet for events under 24 hours in duration as solid food slows down the digestive system and removes blood from the working muscles.
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  3. Reduce the number of calories consumed in an hour. Yes, you might be burning 800 calories an hour, but trying to replace even half of that is too many calories for you to consume at an event.
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  4. Again, less is more. Less calories and less fluid will help with the overall processing by the body, reducing the possibility of stomach distress. Be sure your sources are of the highest quality.
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