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New Formula: Vegan Protein Bars

Vegan Protein Bars Highlight

April 2018

Almond Cacao - Vegan Protein Bar - Better Than Ever!

About Vegan Protein Bar Reformulation

In our constant quest to make improvements on our products whenever necessary, the Almond Cacao Protein Bar was at the top of the list.

This has always been somewhat of a tricky formula to nail down taste- and texture-wise, but after many months of formulation possibilities (not to mention lots of taste-testing!), we believe we've got it totally dialed in. We think you will as well.

To make sure that this updated formula for the bars was completely up to our standards, we basically started from scratch. To enhance the flavor, we removed the organic sacha inchi protein and replaced it with organic pumpkin protein. Though sacha inchi is a phenomenal vegetarian protein source, so too is pumpkin protein, which also has a better flavor profile. Organic pumpkin protein is the perfect complement to the organic pea protein that already existed in previous incarnations of the Almond Cacao Protein Bar.

A wonderfully delicious balance between sweet and savory.

Additional flavor enhancements include a small amount of organic date (paste), more cacao nibs, and a touch of salt. The result is a wonderfully delicious balance between sweet and savory. Bingo! To enhance the texture, as well as making the bar even healthier, we've included organic sesame seeds and organic flax.

The carbohydrate-to-protein ratio is now even closer, with each bar containing 18 grams of total carbohydrates and 13 grams of protein.

The newly formulated Almond Cacao Protein bar is the best-tasting ever, and the perfect choice when you're looking for a super-healthy, low-carb protein bar.

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