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Use Hammer Whey, Vegan, and Soy Protein for a Performance-Improving Edge


Increased exercise volume and training requires more protein, simple as that. It doesn't matter whether you're participating in a few events over the course of the summer or a full-time athlete with a hectic, all-summer-long race schedule. When you up the time you're out exercising and training - and increasing the intensity as well - you need to up the protein in your daily diet. Doing so will:

  • Help protect against increasing soreness, the kind that can linger for days and weeks
  • Minimize the potential for injury, which can occur when protein intake is insufficient to match your training volume/intensity
  • Guard your immune system to help avoid loss of training days due to being sick

Soreness, illness from overtraining, and ultimately injury sidelined me years ago when I first jumped into distance running as a miler. Now, years later, I joined the extreme world of ultrarunning, which has required even more diligence to proper fueling and recovery, and I can't thank Hammer Nutrition enough for supplying some products that have kept me 100% free of the injuries that used to plague my past. I learned the importance of providing key protein to support my body as I continue to push my limits. This chart shown below is my go-to key to keep my protein intake steady all year around!

Fortunately, Hammer Nutrition has the protein products you need to maximize the positive effects of a full schedule, helping your muscles to rebuild stronger, protecting you against injury, as well as giving immune system a major boost to help prevent lost time due to sickness.

Hammer Whey Protein: Whey Protein Isolate is the most easily assimilated, bioavailable protein in the world. Hammer Whey is virtually free of lactose and fat, produced from 100% grass-fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free cows, it's virtually free of lactose and fat, and contains no added sugars. Each serving of this powerhouse product also contains a huge 6 grams of L-Glutamine, an amino acid that combats symptoms of over-training syndrome by supporting muscle tissue recovery and repair, enhancing glycogen synthesis, and boosting the immune system. To maximize workout and race recovery, mix one scoop of Hammer Whey Protein with 4-6 ounces of water and consume right before sleep - sleep being the time when the body performs much of its recovery-specific processes.

Hammer Vegan Protein: For those following a plant-based diet or those looking for more protein options, Hammer Vegan Protein is a tasty blend of five nutrient-dense, 100% organic plant proteins. Pea and pumpkin protein, sacha inchi, spirulina, and chlorella provide nutrients including branched-chain amino acids for muscle tissue repair and rebuilding, antioxidants, and naturally occurring RNA and DNA, amongst additional key vitamins and minerals to support the body on the cellular level. Due to its plant-based ingredients, Hammer Vegan Protein also balances the body's acidity and supports digestive health. Mix one scoop of Vegan Protein with 6 ounces of cold water to consume after exercise or to refuel during the day.

Hammer Soy Protein: Hammer Soy is another delicious option with a high protein (23 grams!), low carbohydrate content. Our soy isolate is 100% GMO-free and contains phytonutrients to support heart and bone health, as well as manage cholesterol levels. This product can be used for meal replacement, as part of a pre-exercise meal, and for post-exercise recovery. Though you may have heard otherwise, soy is also a super-healthy protein that is great for men in supporting prostate health.

Improve the Game: Whether dairy or plant-based, there is no doubt that Hammer Protein provides the vital nutrients your body needs to handle the increased training during long workouts and events in-season Besides consuming your preferred product with water, Hammer Nutrition's pure and clean protein powders make ideal components for healthy smoothies and shakes. Check out our cookbook, available on the Hammer Nutrition website for some recipe inspiration. Give your body some necessary support during the peak performance season with a boost of protein to stay ahead of the curve for your event and workout needs!

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