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Product Spotlight: Digest Caps

A daily probiotic for a healthy digestive system

By Steve Born

Many modern nutritionists agree with Hippocrates (the "father of modern medicine," 460-377 BC) that "all disease begins in the gut." If your gut is unhealthy, your entire body will be negatively affected.

A primary aspect of intestinal health is the battle between "good" and "bad" bacteria for colonization of the digestive system. Good bacteria fi ll important roles in digestion, while bad bacteria contribute to illness and disease. Infections, poor diet, stress, overuse of anti-infl ammatory medications (NSAIDs), antibiotic use, and even chlorinated water can deplete or destroy the healthy bacteria living in the human digestive system. This can allow undesirable bacteria to fl ourish and compromise digestive system function, nutrient absorption, intestinal health, and immunity.

Digest Caps is your ticket back to digestive stability after any bout of intestinal distress. Daily use of Digest Caps also can help maintain high populations of benefi cial bacteria to keep your intestines healthy and prevent the growth of unhealthy intestinal flora.

Healthy intestinal flora - a top priority for athletes

Dr. Bill Misner writes, "Poor diet, stress, antibiotics, and aging can tend to increase the 'bad' (pathogenic) bacteria, which may be blamed for several gastrointestinal problems endurance athletes suffer from during extreme events. Probiotics are 'good' bacteria that are healthful for normal intestinal function that prevents harmful bacteria from causing stomach problems or worse, disease." A well-known nutritionist writes, "Unhealthy fl ora can result in the liberation of abnormally high levels of ammonia as protein- containing foods are digested. This irritates the intestinal membranes. In addition, the ammonia is absorbed into the bloodstream and must be detoxified by the liver..."


Digest Caps now includes the even more potent DDS-1 strain of L. acidophilus. Daily use of Digest Caps will help maintain high populations of benefi cial bacteria to keep your intestines healthy and working properly.

Dr. Khem Shahani, renowned expert in the world of probiotics, discovered the DDS-1 strain of L. acidophilus. Compared to all other forms of acidophilus, it is without peer in terms of quality and stability. The DDS-1 strain has been shown by Dr. Shahani and others to:

  • Stimulate the immune system, benefi ting the skin and combating yeast and fungal infections
  • Aid in the alleviation of "traveler's diarrhea" and constipation
  • Help inhibit stomach ulcer- and cancer-causing Heliobacter pylori
  • Reduce lactose intolerance

...and much more. Here's another bonus - we've kept the price steady! That's right, an already outstanding product, one that has received multiple 5-star ratings, gets a significant upgrade and you pay the same low price.

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