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PQQ: Extraordinary, Multi-Beneficial Nutrient!

Now in Race Caps Supreme!


It's hard to imagine that a product with the word "supreme" in the name would need an upgrade. And to some extent, that's true because for 35 years—yes, that’s correct: 35 whole years!—Race Caps Supreme (aka Race Caps, back in the day) has stood alone amidst the glut of sports supplements that continually over-promise but under-deliver (if they deliver at all).

Sure, we could leave the Race Caps Supreme formula as it is. Its potent benefits for enhancing exercise performance and overall health would still be light years ahead of all other contenders (actually, pretenders) in the sports supplement market. But that’s not how we roll here at Hammer Nutrition; when it comes to our products, we never rest on our laurels, not by a long shot. Instead, we’re constantly reviewing hundreds of studies on nutrients and their benefits to see what additions we may want to make to our already stellar products. Our time spent poring over a sizeable amount of specific research has paid off big time, leading to the inclusion of a remarkable nutrient to Race Caps Supreme called PQQ.

PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) is a nutrient found in kiwifruit, parsley, cocoa powder, fermented soybean (Japanese natto), and green peppers. PQQ is a perfect complement to all of the components in Race Caps Supreme (especially the Coenzyme Q10) and everything in Mito Caps. It has rightfully garnered overwhelmingly positive news for its powerful benefits in supporting the healthy functioning of the mitochondria, the energy-producing “furnaces” in the cells. One nutritional scientist emphasizes the undeniable necessity of healthy, long-living mitochondria by stating:

Endurance athletes should realize how imperative it is to affect mitochondria. The longer you can stimulate the lifespan or health of the mitochondria, the longer you will live, and the better you will perform in endurance events. The athlete who has the most healthy/efficient active mitochondria is the athlete who performs at their best.

That’s a pretty bold statement, but it’s no stretch at all: The mitochondria play a vital role in athletic performance and nearly countless aspects of human health, so we must keep them healthy and functioning correctly. That’s where PQQ comes in:

1. PQQ enhances the activity of numerous enzymes that increase mitochondrial energy production. [1, 2]

2. PQQ improves mitophagy, defined as "removing damaged mitochondria from a cell.” As we age, our mitochondria eventually become damaged and dysfunctional, leading to cellular death that begins a "domino effect" of adverse health consequences. Damaged mitochondria must be removed to ensure cell survival, and PQQ plays a key role in that process. [3, 4]

3. PQQ has potent antioxidant properties. According to Dr. Lewis K. Clark, “PQQ is an extremely potent antioxidant and is about 100 times more effective than vitamin C at eliminating free radicals.” [5]

4. PQQ's most profound benefit is that it activates PGC-1 alpha, a protein that promotes the formation of new mitochondria (mitochondrial biogenesis). In replacing damaged/dysfunctional mitochondria with new mitochondria—which PQQ helped remove—cellular energy production returns to a more youthful state, which, among other benefits, supports optimal functioning of the body's organs. [6, 7]

In addition, PQQ supports optimal health and functioning of the heart, brain, eyes, bones, liver, and more. PQQ also helps improve blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity; it promotes healthy cholesterol levels, improves fat metabolism and assists in weight loss, and has been shown to significantly reduce aches and soreness from exercise.

PQQ and its plethora of benefits make it a perfect addition to Race Caps Supreme, making an already superb product even better. PQQ provides even more power to the time-proven benefits of Race Caps Supreme:

  • Higher energy levels during workouts and all day long, without the unpleasant stimulant side effects that come from the ingredients in many other supplements
  • Noticeable increase in endurance
  • Decreased muscle soreness and enhanced recovery after training sessions
  • Antioxidant support for optimal immune system function
  • Essential nutrients that help optimize cardiovascular system health and protect against many types of degenerative diseases


It was true 35 years ago and is even more so today—no other athletic/active person-specific supplement available delivers the range of benefits that Race Caps Supreme does. For athletes seeking significant improvements in endurance and recovery and anyone wanting to influence their overall health positively, Race Caps Supreme—now enhanced with PQQ—has no equal (or even close-to-equal). So start using Race Caps Supreme today. Stay on Race Caps Supreme for life!

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[7] Scarpulla RC. Metabolic control of mitochondrial biogenesis through the PGC-1 family regulatory network. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2011 Jul;1813(7):1269-78.

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