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Outrunning Allergies


Does your nose sometimes run more than you do? If you’re an endurance athlete who suffers from allergies, Springtime can be especially bothersome. Along with the colorful blooms and blossoms comes a less-than-welcome release of pollens and spores. Those same vibrant colors that delight the senses also traumatize them. The eyes, nose, and throat are bombarded with seasonal allergens that wreak havoc on the immune system, causing a myriad of unpleasant symptoms. If you suffer from allergies, you know how miserable things can be.

Fortunately, there are strategies for combatting these microscopic assailants (other than running indoors on a treadmill). The first is to know local pollen counts where you plan to be outdoors. There are many websites, such as, and apps that track pollen levels. Some even provide predictive maps on future conditions to help you plan your workout.

The next step is to take preventive measures to protect yourself when outdoors. Since most pollen exposure is airborne, wearing a hat with a brim and sunglasses can help keep pollen out of your eyes. And if you’re especially sensitive, wearing a Hammer Buff or Hammer Bandana to cover your nose and mouth can limit the amount of pollen that gets into your respiratory passage.

But it doesn’t stop there. Pay attention to your post-workout practices, too. Change out of your workout clothing right away and shower as soon as possible. Pollen can stick to your skin, especially when perspiring, and showering will remove the residual and reduce further exposure.

And my biggest weapons against seasonal allergies are Hammer Nutrition Clear Day and Nasol. Clear Day’s potent blend of natural compounds works with the body to fortify its defense system while irrigating the nasal canal with Nasol, which helps flush out pollen, soothe the airways, and relieve congestion. It’s a powerful combination that kept me hammering during the Southern California superbloom. Daisy’s may look pristine and tame, but they’re also one of nature’s most potent pollen producers!

Hopefully, these suggestions will help keep you outdoors enjoying the kaleidoscopic springtime colors rather than seeking shelter in an airtight basement. Once spring has sprung, the summer heat is on…

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Dean Karnazes is an ultramarathoner and Hammer Nutrition global athlete. He is a NY Times bestselling author and recipient of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition Lifetime Achievement Award. Learn more about Dean at: Dean Karnazes Keeps Hammering

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thank you, Dean & thank you Hammer <3

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