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Magnesium and Colorectal Cancer

In 2016, nearly 135,000 diagnoses of colorectal cancer are expected, with an estimated 50,000 deaths occurring. A lot of research is ongoing and advancements are being made. At the forefront is new information surrounding magnesium.

A study in Japan involving over 40,000 men found that those who had the highest intake of magnesium had a greater than 50% reduced risk of contracting colon cancer.

A study from the Netherlands showed a 19% reduction in colorectal adenomas (precursors to colon tumors) for every additional 100 mg increase in magnesium intake, there was a 19% reduction in colorectal adenomas (precursors to colon tumors). The researchers also noted that each additional intake of 100 mg of magnesium corresponded with a 12% reduction in colorectal cancer risk.

As is the case with both pancreatic and colorectal cancer, only a modest increase in magnesium imparts significant cancer risk reductions. Because magnesium plays important roles in so many areas of human health - including DNA maintenance and repair, insulin sensitivity, inflammation, and many more - it should come as no surprise that inadequate intakes of this vital mineral is associated with an increased risk of certain cancers.

While vitamin D has appropriately been given "superstar" status in the realm of vitamins, it's clear that the multiple benefits that magnesium supplies should elevate its status as well. Put this essential mineral on your radar and incorporate it into your daily routine. In fact, one nutritional scientist even calls magnesium "the key to health and life," which signifies just how important this mineral is for human health.

Unfortunately, nearly 75% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. While it's available in certain foods (nuts and seeds are good choices) supplementation with magnesium is an easy way for you to obtain sufficient amounts. With five different sources of highly bioavailable magnesium in our easy-to-take capsules, Essential Mg is the ideal way to ensure that you're receiving enough of this essential-for-life mineral.

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