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Innovation Spotlight: Sacha Inchi

Ancient Superfood Fuels Modern Athletes


Have you heard of sacha inchi? While almost unknown in the West, this superfood has been part of South American culture for centuries. Hammer Nutrition is proud to introduce you to our new innovative ingredient and your new favorite protein source.

Sacha inchi is a plant that grows in the highlands of Peru. It has been used as a food source by indigenous peoples in the Amazon rainforest for almost 3000 years. It flowers to bear fruit in capsules called cotyledons. The fruit within is soft, wet, black and inedible. But, if one leaves the pods on the plant to dry, the seed becomes hard over time and will look similar to an almond. Even so, the seed is still inedible. It is only after shelling and roasting that the seed is ready to eat. Trust us, it is worth all the effort.

This nut-like seed is an organic plant source with an amino acid profile as complete as any animal protein. Sacha inchi contains all nine essential amino acids and is considered a complete protein source. Not only does it contain these nutrients, it is easily absorbed without irritation. It has a high BV ranking, quickly giving your body the support it urgently needs. It has high amounts of BCAA (branched chain amino acids) to prevent catabolism (lean muscle breakdown) and high levels of aspartic acid to aid in the Krebs cycle. These small seeds are having a huge impact in the nutrition world.

Additionally, sacha inchi provides large amounts of omega fatty acids. While there are very few plants sources of essential omega-3s (examples include chia and microalgae), sacha inchi has over 48% omega-3s by volume. This helps the body absorb calcium, restore joint mobility, and promote a healthy inflammation response. Big things do come in small packages.

It is important to note how incredibly important these essential fatty acids are. Our bodies do not make them independently. Omegas are paramount in thousands of muscle processes and in the key functions of our brains, hearts and eyes. We must consume omegas and because we cannot get enough simply from the food we eat, we must supplement.

You'll find sacha inchi in our Vegan Protein powder and in four of our Hammer Bar flavors: Chocolate Chip, Coconut Chocolate Chip, Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate, and our Vegan Almond Cacao. Order today!

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