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Happy Trails


Next time you lace up your trail running shoes or hop on your mountain bike for some time on your favorite trails, remember - that trail's only there because someone built it. As obvious as it sounds, it can be easy to take for granted - but between advocacy, building, and maintenance, trails take work. At Hammer, we do our best to remember that fact, and support the cause in any way we can.

Since Brian Frank first started turning a profit over 30 years ago, he's made sure to give back to the sporting communities he serves. That's why Hammer's been the leading event sponsor for over 20 years, and why we continue to support and sponsor real-life working people as our athletes and ambassadors. We only exist because of our fans, athletes, and the events and places that fuel their passion.

Having supported our local trail organizations for decades, and supported Hammer staff participation in trail work days, we've taken another step this last year by supporting high-quality trail groups across the country. After all, maintaining trails can be just as strenuous as using them! When trail crews stay hydrated, cramp-free, and energized, the work goes quick and smooth, volunteers leave happy, and come back soon. In fact, they might even still have the energy to try out their creations!

Hammer Nutrition's values are clear - we exist to support optimal health and performance. Without beautiful places to train, play, recreate, and race, that'd be a whole lot harder for everyone. So beyond just making the world's most effective and healthful fuels and supplements, we're doing our part to support the places and trails you love.

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