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Every once in a while, when I think back on my competitive days as an ultra-marathon cyclist, I say to myself, “Man, I sure wish this product was available back then. That product would have made my training and racing go so much better.”

But because my last “big thing” in my sport was the Double Furnace Creek 508 record back in the fall of 2002, I had only a brief opportunity to use many of the products that are readily available now. Perpetuem is the first to come to mind. And because my last competition was so long ago, I never had the opportunity to use HEED or Recoverite at all (they hadn’t been introduced yet).

Looking back, the one thing I wish I had in my arsenal throughout my ultra-cycling training and racing days was CBD. What better nutrient compounds than cannabinoids and terpenes—all of which are in the Hammer Nutrition line of superior-quality CBD products (but completely devoid of unwanted THC)—to powerfully address so many needs I had as an athlete, especially regarding less soreness and better recovery? What a game-changer CBD would have been back then!

Still, as soon as Hammer’s quality line of CBD products arrived, I was darn near first in line to start implementing them as part of my exercise regimen and overall health supplement program. And oh! What a remarkable difference they have made! I get better sleep, fewer aches and pains, and many other athletic and overall health benefits. Now that I’m 61 but still quite active and paying more attention to taking even better care of myself, I’m quite sure I appreciate all the benefits attributed to CBD even more than I would have when I was in my 40’s and still a competitive athlete.

The bottom line is now that CDB and its remarkable benefits are here—with the number of benefits attributed to CBD seemingly increasing on a daily basis—there is simply no reason for you not to give one or more of our extraordinary CBD products a try. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!

"I am recovering better, sleeping better and feeling like I am able to train at levels from 20 years ago. Thank you Hammer!" – Online Review

"Running every day for 81 days my recovery is an issue. After four days on Hammer CBD 10mg I did a 10.2 mile trail run with 2300 feet of climbing. My legs were the best they have felt for the last 81 days. Hammer CBD is fantastic." – Online Review

"I am a disabled veteran and this product helps me in so many ways. I refer it to friends and family." – Online Review

Use Hammer CBD Softgels, Hammer CBD Tincture, or Hammer CBD Hydro on a daily basis to help alleviate aches and soreness, support strong immunity, improve your sleep quality, and much more. Apply pleasant-smelling Hammer CBD Balm to your skin to get quick-acting and thorough relief for those problem sore areas (knees, tendons, etc.).

Derived from organically grown, non-GMO, USA-raised hemp, all Hammer CBD products contain a broad spectrum of highly beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. They’re all 100% THC-free, and none will cause a positive result on any drug test, athletic or otherwise.

Hammer Nutrition founder, Brian Frank, boldly states, “CBD is the biggest news in sports nutrition since 1987.” And I agree with him 100%, though I would add that CBD is quite possibly the biggest news in supplements for overall health—not just athletics—for longer than I can remember. I wish I had Hammer CBD products available back in my competitive athletic days, but I’m sure glad they’re here now!

Of course, if you’d like to discuss how CBD may benefit you, we invite you to give us a call today—or, give it a try for 30 days. After all, like everything Hammer sells, we guarantee it 100%.

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