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Fully Charged

Get charged or get left behind!


Almost three years ago, we turned the world of pre-workout supplements on its head by introducing Fully Charged. Finally, a product that supplies a multitude of real exercise performance benefits, not the we're going to make you super amped-up and wired on stimulants and insane amounts of caffeine fake benefits. Seriously, who wants their heart rate to be out of control 20 minutes before they even start their workout? Genuine benefits supplied by nutrients not only support enhanced workout performance but overall health as well.

The fact is that Fully Charged is the real deal when it comes to pre-workout supplements. There is absolutely nothing else like it! The incredible testimonials and five-star reviews for Fully Charged keep pouring in (if six stars were available, Fully Charged would most certainly earn them!) If you haven't been using this phenomenal product, you're at a disadvantage. Take it from the athletes who use Fully Charged: it breaks records, improves times, and gets results.

Customer Reviews

"I am a runner and I love Hammer's Fully Charged Ignitor! I dissolve a packet before my runs and it works! I most recently ran a half marathon in Albany and drank one dissolved packet prior to the race, then on a hunch, I dissolved another stick-pack at mile eight and drank it. Trust me, one can actually feel the energy this product brings out from within. I finished my 1/2 almost ten minutes ahead of my projected time! I also see results when I run with my running group, as I am able to keep up with them. Thank you soooo much!"

"This is a great product. I used to only use it before a long run, but now I use it before everything: gym, kickboxing, you name it...thanks, Hammer!"

"I really like this product. I do not get jitters or an upset stomach. I am just awake and ready to get it."

"A pre-workout that has a nice, even, elevated energy level with increased mental acuity. Great for the gym, the bike, or, in my case, the cockpit of a race car at 180 mph."

The dynamic Fully Charged formula and how it benefits you:

Taurine - An amino acid found throughout the body, especially in muscle and nerve tissue. Taurine assists in regulating heartbeats and muscle contractions, as well as neurotransmitter levels in the brain. It is also essential for your body's proper usage of electrolytic minerals - calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium - and ensures proper muscle function. Taurine also increases concentration and focus without stimulating the nervous system. Perhaps most important to athletes, taurine supplementation is correlated with increases in maximal oxygen uptake and time to exhaustion due to its ability to buffer lactic acid and promote healthy pH levels.

Beta-Alanine - This amino acid simultaneously neutralizes acidity levels and enhances blood flow to working muscles, both of which enhance sports performance.

L-Carnitine Fumarate - This amino acid transports fatty acids into the mitochondria for conversion of cellular energy. Fumaric acid (fumarate) is a Krebs Cycle Intermediate and plays a vital role in energy production.

SpectraTM - A proprietary blend of 29 vegetable, fruit, and herbal ingredients, SpectraTM was shown in a crossover, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to increase nitric oxide (NO) levels by 64%. Increased NO levels improves blood flow to muscles, enhancing delivery of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles and supporting increases in endurance and strength. That same study showed that SpectraTM is also a powerful source of antioxidant support, reducing free radical production.

Green Tea Extract (standardized to 50% polyphenols) - One of nature's superfoods, green tea contains polyphenols that provide antioxidant and cardiovascular health support. Green tea extract also supplies a small but efficacious amount of caffeine, approximately 15 mg per serving.

elevATPTM - A proprietary, clinically-researched blend of plant-derived trace minerals and polyphenol-rich apple extracts, elevATPTM works with the body's natural energy-producing mechanisms to stimulate production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of the body.

Beet Root Juice Powder - Beets are a rich source of nitrates, which the body converts to nitric oxide (NO).

Tyrosine - This amino acid is the precursor for several important neurotransmitters that are involved in alleviating stress and fatigue. Tyrosine also promotes mental alertness.

Tart Cherry Extract (standardized to 6.5% anthocyanins) - Cherries contain naturally occurring compounds (anthocyanins) shown to reduce aches and soreness, which in turn helps maintain normal muscle function during exercise and accelerates recovery afterwards.


With all the rave reviews we regularly receive from athletes, there is no question that Fully Charged is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to improving your athletic performance safely and naturally. Use it before any type or length of workout or race and enjoy the time-proven benefits this unique product supplies. Though we market Fully Charged as a pre-exercise supplement, it is 100% acceptable, and highly beneficial, to take additional servings during prolonged bouts of exercise. Many athletes take another dose during their longer workouts and races, taking Fully Charged about every three to four hours, but sometimes as often as every two hours. The feedback we've received from them has been nothing short of sensational!

Don't wait another day to put this outstanding product to the test. Fully Charged is ready to help you enjoy higher-quality workouts and better race results¦we guarantee it!


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