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Gearing up for spring

Make this multipurpose bag #1 on your list!

By Steve Born

I first wrote about - and raved about - the Hammer Gear Bag three years ago. At that time I had been using the bag frequently for travel, and I was thoroughly impressed by its durability and usefulness.

Three years later (and counting), I'm even more impressed. The Hammer Gear Bag has been my go-to bag for more trips than I can remember, and it shows no signs of damage or even noticeable wear and tear. This is one tough and reliable bag!

Made in Italy of heavyweight nylon, the Hammer Gear Bag has become my all-time favorite bag no matter what I'm carrying - cycling gear, supplements, extra clothing, etc. This "double decker" bag has two zippered compartments for simple organization, and thick handles with comfort grip for easy carrying.

The lower section (19" x 5" x 11") easily holds my helmet, shoes, and other cycling gear. It's got plenty of space even for my European size 48 shoes (that's size 13 US)! When I'm not traveling with my bike, I like to use the lower portion of the bag to carry my numerous bottles of supplements. I've yet to have any breakage/spillage issues with anything in that lower section, thanks to the bag's heavy-duty plastic bottom.

The top section (19" x 12" x 11") is roomy enough to easily hold several days' worth of clothing. Coming from someone who readily admits to packing more stuff than I ever need, that's saying a lot! I also appreciate that I can almost always fit this 20" x 2" x 17" bag into the overhead carry-on compartment on planes. (Those rare times when I can't fit it into a cramped compartment, I "tag it at the gate" and pick it up on the jet way when the plane lands.) Anytime I don't have to pay or wait for a checked bag I'm a happy guy!

Of course, the Hammer Gear Bag is also the perfect design, size, and functionality for carrying your exercise gear for training or racing. But it's much more versatile than that. I've found that unless I'm going to be on the road for more than a week, this bag is the only piece of luggage I need. However you use it, I have no doubt that you'll call it one of your favorites, too! HN

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