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Fully Charged = Proven Results!

Fully Charged is the real deal when it comes to pre-workout supplements. There is absolutely nothing else like it! Fully Charged increases athletic performance for so many people - the incredible testimonials and 5-star reviews keep pouring in. If you haven't been using this phenomenal product, you're at a distinct disadvantage! Take it from the athletes who use Fully Charged. It breaks records, improves times, and gets results:

After a long week of training, I had very tired legs and was looking to just make it through my planned 40-ish miles. I had some Fully Charged and once I got warmed up I was off! I ended up with 9 PRs and 21 Strava trophies.
- Jen D

...after a couple of weeks my average speed has increased by one mile per hour. Now on my 30-mile rides I have even averaged right at 18 MPH riding alone rather than the 16.5 to 17 MPH range. I ride in the dark so I cannot see my Garmin and never know the results until I arrive home.
- Carl the few weeks I've been using this, I've clocked PRs on most of my local training routes and knocked 3 minutes off my previous best time on a local 5-mile trail race.

My endurance has improved noticeably. With Fully Charged I've had some definite improvements and PRs.
- Jeff W

It's been a full year since we introduced Fully Charged (Happy Birthday!) This unique product has clearly become a favorite of athletes, not to mention one of Hammer Nutrition's best sellers.

The extreme popularity of Fully Charged is due to the many benefits it provides:

  • Helps increase energy and endurance
  • Promotes mental alertness
  • Aids in reducing fatigue
  • Helps alleviate muscle soreness
  • Provides antioxidant support

...And more! Whatever you use to track your training - whether it's a Garmin, Strava, power meter, or something else - put Fully Charged to the test and see the results for yourself! If you have any doubts, let technology show you. Get ready to experience verifiable improvements and PR's - proof that Fully Charged is working for you.

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