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Confessions : I sacrificed performance to save a buck or two!

EN#48. Oct. 2005


Dear Brian,

It was good to visit with you several days ago! I want to thank you for the Hammer Nutrition jersey you gave me... I like it so well I plan on purchasing another on my next visit. I have just returned from a 9-day self-contained ride down to Stanley, ID and back, via Lolo Pass and back up over Lost Trail (964 miles).

We fueled our ride almost exclusively with Hammer products, with the exception of a light breakfast and a sandwich or sub in the evening. We were energized the entire trip and the sense of well-being was the most intense I have ever experienced on a long tour. (We pre-positioned re-supply at Riggins to ensure we would not run out of Hammer items.) I rode 2476 mi. in 34 consecutive days to prepare for this ride. At this point a short story/confession is in order!

Last summer I trained for a similar ride and sparingly fueled with Hammer products only during the rides... I thought it would be too expensive to totally rely on them before, during and after riding. After 50 or 60 miles it was necessary for me to find a place where I could purchase a few jojos, chicken strips and a pop etc. to satisfy the gnawing hunger and waning energy. $5.00 +or- shot and often a struggle to get going again! I had been doing the same routine for 6 years and I just thought, “That’s the way things are!”

On our ride we missed our re-supply of Hammer products (P.O. closed on Sat.) so I ended up with a lot of “extra” stuff after we returned home. I decided to fuel my rides entirely with Hammer items just to see if I could tell a difference... and it wouldn’t cost any extra since I already had the stock. After a few days I realized what an imbecile I had been, sacrificing performance, confidence and health for what I thought might be a couple of dollars a day! Imagine my dismay when I found it really didn’t cost any more to use the best nutrition products available!

With a very light breakfast I could rip off 60 or 80 miles, relying on Hammer Gel, HEED, Perpetuem, and Recoverite, and feel totally energized at the end and ready to do it again the next morning. A completely new experience of confidence and energy level from the “old days” of struggling to get 5-6 days of riding per week. Also a significant attribute of the Hammer products for me is that they are so friendly to the “lower gastronomical tract!” Take my word for it, at 62 that is an important “added value!”

In summary, I want to thank you for improving the quality and distances of my ride, while leaving me fully energized and confident at the end of that day and ready to tear out the next morning!

Sincerely yours,

Dave Dillon
Columbia Falls, MT

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