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Colloidal Silver


The use of silver for health traces back thousands of years. The people in ancient Greece, Egypt, Macedonia, Phoenicia, and Rome used silver as a part of their everyday health routines. They drank from silver cups, stored water in silver containers, dropped silver coins in water barrels, applied silver to wounds and burns, and gifted silver spoons to newborns. Hippocrates even wrote in his medical texts about the benefits of silver.

The use of silver traced its way through history largely unchanged until the 1890s when it was discovered how to create colloidal silver. “Colloidal” is a scientific description that means the silver particles are very small and are evenly suspended in a liquid (usually water). This type of silver makes it easy to use. People continue to use colloidal silver today. Silver-based water purification systems are used around the world and even on spacecraft.

Today, colloidal silver is widely used for the same reasons it has been for thousands of years. It’s a good way to boost the immune system. Research has shown that colloidal silver can inhibit microbial activity. [1] You can find it in a variety of different forms. They vary in silver content from low-potency (like 10ppm) to high-potency (like 500ppm). You can also find various delivery methods: nasal sprays, oral sprays, and tinctures

Caveat/Disclaimer: as with Thieve’s essential oils, we do not sell colloidal silver and are not attempting to make any curative claims. This is being shared for your information only.

I have used colloidal silver personally and with my family and believe it to be very effective while at the same time being free of side effects or contraindications. I keep the following types of colloidal silver in my medicine cabinet.

10 PPM nasal spray - I use three sprays a couple of times per day if I have a head cold, sinus congestion, runny nose, etc.

10 PPM mist spray - I whenever I have a cough or other bronchial/lung issues. I will spray this into my mouth while inhaling gently three to four times per day.

500-3600 PPM - When I am sick, I will put 3-6 drops in a glass of distilled water (don’t want any other mineral content in the water) and drink twice daily. I usually gargle with a few mouthfuls to help with sore throat, coughing, etc.

There are quite a large number of brands of colloidal silver and the ones shown in the photos are just examples. You can purchase these products online or from most any health food store.

I hope you find this informative and encourage you to read further on this natural home remedy.


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