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5 Ways to Clean up your Routine for Springtime


Whether you spent the winter cross training in the mountains or you’re ready to dusting off your racing equipment you haven’t used for a while, spring cleaning makes everyone feel a bit more prepared for what lies ahead. Let’s talk about a few easy wins to get your routine back under control this Spring season:

Loosen up!

Even if you only see a specialist like a chiropractor or a masseuse once in a blue moon, you may forget how good it feels to keep the body fresh and loose.

Check open containers

(product life-span)

All Hammer Nutrition products carry a “best-by,” or a “manufactured date” based on FDA requirements for that particular product. And the last thing you want is to take an unnecessary risk on consuming old or expired products that are supposed to nourish your rides, training, or workouts!

Fizz – best within 4 years of the manufactured date

Endurolytes – best within 2 years of the manufactured date

Supplements – best within 3-4 years of the manufactured date

Hammer Food Bars – best within 18 months from the manufacture date

All powdered Fuels – “best by” date is 3 years beyond the date of manufacture.

Give your routine a once-over

What products have you been using for years? What products are you consistently ‘borrowing’? What products have you been wanting to try, but haven’t? The Spring season is a great time to shake things up a bit and see what works best with your body. Maybe you want to try out Endurolytes Powder after using Fizz for the last few years, or adding Fully Charged to your early morning intervals for example. A few simple changes can make a big difference!

Make time for Recovery

The best reward you can give yourself is taking the time to cool down, get a bit of stretching in, and refilling the tank so you’re even better equipped the next time around. I’ve heard it at events and on rides and over the phone nearly countless times, but just being consistent with Recoverite really adds up once you get to peak season.

Got allergies? Try Clear Day

Luckily, I don’t suffer from allergies too often, but when they’re cutting hay near my house in the spring, the only thing that works for me is 1-2 Clear Day in the morning and again in the afternoon. We made this product to combat seasonal symptoms with ingredients like Olive Leaf extract, Quercetin, Japanese Knotweed extract and Bromelain for an affordable and fast acting relief from allergies and pollen.

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