Be Vigilant With Dietary Sodium Intake When Using Race Day Boost

Most everyone consumes 6000-8000 milligrams of sodium per day, an amount that's two to three times the upper recommended daily dose for sodium. Therefore, the practice that some athletes follow, which is to consume extra amounts of salt in the in the days prior to a race in the hopes of topping off sodium stores, is without merit and a practice we vehemently do not recommend. When you're using Race Day Boost in a four-day loading cycle prior to a race you need to be even more cognizant of your daily sodium intake. This is because each teaspoon serving of Race Day Boost contains 1000 mg of Sodium (tribasic) phosphate, 193 mg of which is comprised of sodium. Therefore, if you load Race Day Boost at the rate of four divided doses each day your net sodium intake is 772 milligrams per day, or roughly 32% of the upper recommended daily dose for sodium. Our recommendation: When you use Race Day Boost in a four-day loading dose prior to a race, lower the amount of sodium that you're obtaining in your diet to accommodate the amount of sodium you're receiving in Race Day Boost.

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