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Jump Starting Spring Training

Fitness Hacks to Get You Going


It’s with a touch of irony that I’m writing about jump starting spring training when something like two hundred million people across North America are experiencing sub-zero temperatures at the moment. Though perhaps that’s the ideal time to start training. For soon the snow will thaw, the flowers will bloom, and race season will be upon us. Whether your desire is to end up on the podium or just to finish, there’s an old adage I repeat to myself when training conditions are less than ideal: It’s easier to stay in shape than to get in shape.

But how? You live in California, Dean, in a perpetual state of warm sunshine. Remember the rest of the country, it’s freezing over here. Got anything for your bone-chilled compatriots? Perhaps.

Since we’re tossing around old adages, here’s another: Learn to love that which you hate. And the one thing I used to hate, really hate, were, burpees. Now I love burpees. Actually, it’s more a love/hate relationship. I hate burpees, but I love the training benefit of burpees. So every morning it’s 25 burpees upon waking. Sounds miserable, right? Well, it is. And I would encourage you to lean into the misery yourself. Perhaps start with ten, or even five. The main point is to begin the day on the right note, and burpees at sunrise achieves that goal.

Another suggestion to consider is staying on your feet all day (at least when you’re not driving or doing anything that requires sitting). I’m fortunate to work from home, so admittedly it’s easier for me to remain standing all day, but it still takes discipline. From the moment I finish the morning burpees until the moment I tuck back under the sheets at night, I never sit down. Not only that, while I’m standing I’m constantly bouncing up and down on my toes and bending my knees. Even as I’m writing this story I’m bouncing about (thank goodness for auto-correct!). Try the all-day standing challenge two days a week and see if you can do it. If you’re like me, it soon will become part of your training routine.

My final recommendation on getting a head start on spring fitness is to shed some of that additional winter insulation that’s been accumulated over the past several months. If you’re like me, you tend to add some weight during the colder months and trimming down can be beneficial. That’s when I turn to Hammer PHOOD meal replacement for a little help. Hammer Phood is a high protein, low carb drink mix made with healthy plant-based fats and nothing artificial. What I like most about Hammer Phood is that it’s thick, flavorful and satisfying, yet contains no emulsifiers or trans fats. Available in chocolate and vanilla, the ingredient list in Hammer Phood is short and pronounceable, unlike many other meal replacement products, so I have the confidence of knowing that what I’m eating is mumbo jumbo free.

I hope these simple suggestions help bring you out of winter hibernation, and it all starts with your first round of burpees tomorrow morning!

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Dean Karnazes is an ultramarathoner and Hammer Nutrition Athlete. He has raced and competed across the globe and once ran 50 marathons, in all 50 US states, in 50 consecutive days.
His latest book is A Runner’s High.

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I worked for 40 yrs on my feet-took a desk job 2 yrs ago. WOW! so much more energy & no dead legs when i get home from work!, eager to get the workout in & burn off energy! I will stick to the old bike racer adage-why stand when you can sit , why sit when you can lie down. I wish i had that desk job in my younger days, would have made a difference in my race results!


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