April Fools

“Hammer Travel Instant Contraption – HTIC”

Hammer Nutrition Breaking News: the HTIC is without a doubt, the game changer you need for consistent nutrition and breakthrough smoothness in all the delicious flavored liquids you desire.

All too often we are unhappy with the slight inconsistency of temperature, air - product mixture, and parts per billion on the mouth feel of our products.

Nearly 2 years into development, we’re highly enthused to announce that all of those pesky variables are no more!

According to Jewel Hiebert, Head of R&D at Hammer Nutrition, “We are no longer in the dark ages of drink mixing, the gains we’ve experienced with our needlessly complicated, over-designed Hammer Travel Instant Contraption are (...) nearly non-discernable to all but 0.00003 of the world population. The key to this paradigm shift is that our engineers really put everything they wanted into a small but powerful device”.

Key features include:

  • 4 speed micro-adjustable motor
  • 500 ml min / 1000 ml max
  • Includes 2 proprietary whisk attachments
  • Near instant power availability via Bluetooth
  • Small enough to bring to your next race, bikepacking adventure, or weekend training ride

The HTIC retails for $89.45 and will be available at fine retailers and directly from us within the next 33 days*

*Still in development, but releasing soon is a titanium version, which shaves 5 grams off the already feather-like weight. Look for that announcement in September!


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