You'll go nuts for NEW Nocciola (Hazelnut-Chocolate) Hammer Gel!

By Steve Born

Now we've done it. . . Created the most delicious endurance fuel ever, that is! We are proud to announce what's sure to be your next favorite Hammer Gel flavor: NEW Nocciola (pronounced no-CHO- lah).

Like the Italian gelato flavor from which it derives its name, Nocciola's irresistible hazelnut- chocolate taste is satisfyingly rich, and still incredibly refreshing. It joins fellow newcomers Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter-Chocolate in a family of Hammer Gel "ultra-fuels" that are ideal for the full-spectrum of athletic activity. Thanks to naturally-occurring protein and fat, these flavors not only satisfy the taste buds, but also your energy requirements, even when you're going long.

Reviews from early testers are in, and the verdict is unanimous; Nocciola is "A game changer," and "On another level completely."

For nearly two decades, Hammer Gel has been the natural choice for rock-solid energy. Now, with the arrival of Nocciola, it's also the Forerunner of Flavor! It's the Dean of Delicious! The Skipper of the S.S. Scrumptious! The. . . Okay, you get the picture.

NEW Nocciola is available now! Get your hands on some and let us know what you think. Dare we say you'll go nuts over it?

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