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When you walk into any health food store, nutrition store, or supermarket there is often a dizzying array of whey protein options. What sets Hammer Whey apart from the competition?

Hammer Whey TubMost of those whey protein powders are similarly formulated with cheap casein (milk) proteins, whey protein concentrates, or a combination of both. Most also contain carbohydrates (often as refined sugar), artificial flavors or sweeteners, and preservatives. Some also boast auxiliary nutrients, but they're in amounts so small that they have little to no benefit. If you want pure protein, look to Hammer.

That's precisely why Hammer Whey Protein exists. Hammer Whey contains 100% grass-fed whey protein isolate. This is pure fuel for promoting recovery and boosting immune system health. It's also completely devoid of unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients and has no antibiotics or hormones. Hammer Whey protein is the best whey protein powder on the market. Here's why:

1) Purest protein available - Whey protein isolate contains 90-97% protein or more. Typical whey protein concentrate contains just 70-80% protein or less. Hammer's whey protein isolate contains more protein per-gram, and has significantly less fat and sugar (lactose) than whey concentrate.

2) Superior availability - The whey protein isolate used in Hammer Whey has an outstanding Biological Value (BV) rating of 154 - the highest of all protein sources. (BV is a measure of how well the body absorbs and utilizes a protein.) In comparison, whey protein concentrate has a 104 BV rating; whole eggs have a BV rating of 100.

3) Fortified with 6,000 mg glutamine - Each serving of Hammer Whey contains a whopping 6,000 mg of the amino acid glutamine. For athletes, perhaps the most significant role of glutamine is its contribution to hGH (human growth hormone) release, stimulating muscle growth and maintenance.

4) Powerful immune-boosting nutrients - Hammer Whey delivers a unique profile of highly bioavailable protein with immune-enhancing factors, including beta-lactoalbumins and alpha-lactalbumins. In addition, your body uses the amino acids in whey to produce glutathione, arguably the most important antioxidant. At least one study has shown that whey elevates glutathione levels more than any other protein source.

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