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Athletes deal with aches and soreness for a variety of reasons, resulting from early season conditioning, to overtraining, to injury. I guarantee we’ve all been directed to the pharmacy or a grocery store shelf to pick up some sort of NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) to “relieve” the pain. Unfortunately, our tendency to mask ailments with “Vitamin I” only leaves us with even more problems to deal with—problems that may not only delay the healing process of injured tissue, but create potentially devastating long-term issues.

Instead, make the decision to build, protect, maintain, and support healthy joints with Hammer Nutrition’s Tissue Rejuvenator or Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator. If providing support WITHOUT the negative effects of synthetic medications doesn’t already convince you, here are some additional reasons why Tissue Rejuvenator should be your go-to choice to help with effective restoration and maintenance of strong, healthy joints.

  1. Trusted Top Seller: Year after year, Tissue Rejuvenator appears at the top of our best seller list since it was first introduced in 2004, providing a high-quality product with clean, noticeably effective ingredients. Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator quickly followed suit after its introduction in 2018.
  2. Critical Building Blocks: Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate are key raw materials that the body uses to help build and repair cartilage and support tendons and ligaments. Glucosamine Sulfate, derived from shellfish, specifically works to promote elasticity of joint movement. Chondroitin Sulfate also promotes joint lubrication and cushioning.
  3. Natural Soreness-Alleviating Properties: Herbs including Turmeric, Boswellia Serrata, Devil’s Claw, and Quercetin help to provide relief from muscle swelling and achy joints.
  4. Wide Range of Benefits: The variety of medicinal herbs in both products aid in more than just the reduction of swelling, aches, and soreness. Along with the primary benefits, ingredients like Yucca Root are also purported to have antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  5. Quality Support and Maintenance: UC Type II Collagen helps to promote joint mobility and flexibility. MSM provides necessary support for the synthesis of body tissue including hair, skin, and nails, as well as tendons and cartilage. Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator contains Horsetail Leaf, a plant rich in silica, which not only provides joint support but is required for collagen formation.
  6. Convenient Vegan-Friendly Option: Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator uses a GMO-free, plant-based glucosamine to provide excellent support for those following a vegan diet or those who have shellfish allergies and want a guaranteed safe alternative. Along with the aforementioned Horsetail Leaf, Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator also contains Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring carbohydrate found primarily in connective tissue that serves to lubricate and cushion body tissue, such as in joints and eyes.
  7. Safe and Effective for Daily Use: Whether taken to help repair damaged tissue of to protect against joint-related issues, Tissue Rejuvenator and Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator not only provide a healthy alternative to harmful medications, they are gentle enough to use daily.
  8. Wise Investment: Ingredients in both forms of Tissue Rejuvenator are absorbed completely, thanks to a proprietary enzyme blend, so nothing goes to waste!

Whether you are looking to avoid injuries or enhance the tissue repair process, Tissue Rejuvenator or Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator is the product for you! It’s the game-changing choice to support the health of your joints, cartilage, tendons, and connective tissue.

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