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By Brian Frank

I have been advocating the use of and selling EMS machines since 2004. Many of you have bought a Compex EMS unit or Globus EMS unit from us, and for that, I thank you. However, I am also aware that getting comfortable using these devices, learning the ins and outs of the various different programs, pad placements, and current levels, and incorporating them into your training regimen can be challenging for a lot of new buyers. So, it's not surprising that relatively few athletes venture beyond the Active Recovery routine.

Using the EMS strength programs to reduce neural inhibition and correct muscle imbalances is one of the greatest benefits of this technology, but it is also the least used. That is why we include a free 30-minute telephone consultation with one of our highly trained EMS experts with each unit we sell. Here's the part I don't understand: Only about 1 in 10 who purchase a unit from us ever calls up to take advantage of their free consultation!

Pioneers in EMS for athletes

Besides personally using EMS for more than a decade and experiencing amazing results, Steve and I had the opportunity to do a week of intensive training in Italy with Gianpaolo Boschetti, known as the "father" of EMS technology and usage. During that week, we learned all about how and why EMS works, but we also discovered that we were the pioneers in the use of EMS specifically for endurance athletes. Gianpaolo readily admitted that he had very limited experience working with endurance and ultra endurance athletes, having always focused explosive strength athletes like downhill skiers, volleyball players and the like. Our time together in Italy resulted in two new programs being written and incorporated into the top-end Globus model. Since then, I've taken all of my experience and training and shared it with my EMS staff so that they can help you!

So, if you have purchased a Compex EMS unit or Globus EMS unit from us and are only using the Active Recovery program or not using the machine at all, and you have not yet had your free 30-minute phone consultation, I strongly encourage you to do so today, or tomorrow, or next week. I want to make sure that you get full value and benefit out of these powerful little devices. We can schedule it for a specific time and date, or you can just call during normal business hours and one of the four of us will surely be available to go over your device, programs, and more.

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