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CBD: Sensational for Superior Recovery!


Recovering fully between training sessions is unquestionably a vital component of the overall athletic performance “picture.” It therefore makes perfect sense to take whatever steps we can to enhance the quality of our recovery.

Resupplying the body ASAP with high-quality carbs and protein via Recoverite is one of those steps. Providing the body with a wide range of antioxidants—both from food and supplements—is another important step.

And here are two other extremely important components of superior recovery:

  1. Relieving the aches and soreness that often accompany us after a hard workout. You simply can’t train effectively if your muscles and joints are constantly sore.
  2. Getting consistent quality sleep. Lack of quality sleep, in the words of one highly-respected coach, “is the ultimate performance killer.”

While there are products that very much help both—Tissue Rejuvenator for the aches; REM Caps for the sleep—the highest podium when it comes to both is reserved for CBD. It doesn’t eliminate the use of either Tissue Rejuvenator or REM Caps—far from it—but CBD should be first in your recovery supplement regimen, with those two products providing outstanding complementary support.

How CBD works to maximize recovery

CBD is short for cannabidiol (pronounced can-uh-bih-DIE-all), one of over 60 compounds called cannabinoids (pronounced kuh-NAB-in-oyds) that are found in the cannabis plant. A number of cannabinoids are produced in the human body as well. Cannabinoids act on receptors found in the cells that are part of the body’s endocannabinoid system, a system that regulates key aspects of our biology. The two major cannabinoid receptors are:

  • Cannabinoid Receptor Type 1 (CB1): These receptors are found throughout the body, though primarily in the central nervous system and the brain. As expected, these receptors are involved with regulating sleep, mood, emotions, thinking, movement/coordination, appetite, and more.
  • Cannabinoid Receptor Type 2 (CB2): These receptors are found mainly in the immune system throughout the body. When CB2 receptors are activated, they work to reduce aches and soreness.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what Hammer CBD users are saying:

"Hammer CBD is fantastic!! Really helps me to recover from hard training days. My quality of sleep has improved and I am less sore the next day. Really great!"

"A must in my supplement arsenal! Helps me sleep better and have fewer aches. I recommend it to anyone looking for quality sleep and less fatigue."

"I have tried both CBD 10mg and 25mg and they are both amazing products. I am recovering better, sleeping better and feeling like I am able to train at levels from 20 years ago. Thank you Hammer!"

"Since using Hammer's CBD line, it has allowed me to get the quality sleep my body needs to gear back up for another physically active day. I wake up well rested with minimal effects of my prior day’s activities. I use this in combination with their REM Caps & Tissue Rejuvenator and feel great, even though I put my body through the grind."

Multiple superior-quality options!

Use Hammer CBD Softgels, Hammer CBD Tincture (now available in ultra-potent 1500 mg strength!), or Hammer CBD Hydro on a daily basis to help alleviate aches and soreness, improve your sleep quality, support strong immunity, and much more. Apply pleasant-smelling Hammer CBD Balm to your skin to get quick-acting and thorough relief for those problem sore areas (knees, tendons, etc.).

Derived from organically grown, non-GMO, USA-raised hemp, all Hammer CBD products contain a broad spectrum of highly beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. All the products are 100% THC-free, and none will cause a positive result on any drug test, athletic or otherwise.

Hammer CBD. You may be able to spell “recovery” without it, but you can only enjoy truly superior recovery with it! If you’d like to discuss how CBD may benefit you, we invite you to give us a call today—or give it a try for 30 days. Like everything Hammer Nutrition sells, we guarantee all of our premium-quality CBD products 100%.


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