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At Your Service Since 1987 And Still Going Strong


2023 marks the beginning of Hammer Nutrition's 36th year in business. That's a very long time, especially for a nutrition company, but it doesn't come as a surprise to us. Why? Because since day one, Hammer Nutrition's Founder & CEO, Brian Frank, has NEVER compromised his position:

"Superlative products and the expertise to put them to their best effect are certainly key, but how a company interacts with its customers is even more important. From day one, we've strived to treat every client exactly how we want to be treated when we are on the other side of the counter—fairly, honestly, and individually. We do everything possible to ensure that is what you experience when you do business with us. Our reputation for 5-star customer service has been earned by living this principle every day for the past 30+ years. I still read every feedback submission we receive and work directly with my staff to ensure that every issue is handled to my satisfaction. It takes a lot of work and resources to maintain my standards, but it's the only way I'm willing to run my company. We treat you like you are important to us because you are... Guaranteed!"

Now, anyone could make a statement like that, but Brian is the only person who backs it up with his actions. I personally know this to be 100% true because I've known Brian since darn near the beginning of his company and also because I've been his employee, coming up on 23 years this April. In all this time—first as a client and sponsored athlete, then as his employee—I know for a fact that Brian has never deviated from his business model. Never. His earlier-listed quote is the only way he'll run the business, and his oft-used saying, "people before profits," has always been the very heart of how Hammer Nutrition does business.

Brian is undoubtedly an extraordinarily gifted businessman—his business acumen is off the charts—as are his marketing skills. You don't stay in business for very long without those two things. However, as important as they are, what really makes Hammer Nutrition light years ahead of all other companies is the following:

1) Brian's relentlessness in producing nothing but the finest quality products he can. As part of his R&D staff, I can tell you with complete honesty that he compromises nothing. If any raw material for any product isn't EXACTLY the way it should be, if it doesn't meet our exacting specifications for quality and purity, it's rejected until it does—end of story.

2) Brian's passion for exemplary customer service. In all the years Hammer Nutrition has been in business, that has never faded; if anything, it gets stronger with each passing month and year. His zealousness for treating customers by The Golden Rule is unequaled by any other CEO of any other company I know—he really is the one who puts the "us" in "customer service"—and that service is absolutely on par with the superior-quality products he produces and sells.

As I have said several times before, with some other companies, you get the typical (as an example), "Press 1 for supplements; press 2 for fuels; press 3 to leave a message," and so on. This has never been the Hammer way, and it never will be. So you can expect that everyone who works for Hammer Nutrition will treat you like you are important to us, and that's because you are. It's really just that simple.

Whether you've got questions, concerns, suggestions, or a success story, give us a call or Live Chat with us. You'll be connected with a live person—a trained advisor—you'll be treated like a real person, not a number, and you'll experience the best customer support and service in the industry!

We've been here for over 3.5 decades, we're at 800-336-1977, and we'll continue to be at your service enthusiastically!

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Thanks Brian. I have been a customer for many years when your company was e-caps. Can you look me up in your database and see when I started using your products?. I think it was in the late 1990s. Just curious. I have been using your products many years. I am now 76 years and still going. Running every distance from 5k to ultramarathons. Your products are amazing. Thank you.
Hammer Nutrition replied:
Hi Earl, Thank you so much for your comment and 24 years of support! Your first order was in 1999 and you’ve placed a total of 161 orders. I am honored to have clients like you! BDF

Earl Ortiz

Agreed thanks for your great products and customer service!

Douglas Holt

Love this company and the products. Also love the very informative articles by the knowledgeable MD! They have helped me so much in making informed decisions on the hammer products I should take and in my general health as well.

Cari Burk

Been using Hammer products since about 2008. Never disappointed. The performance improvement is undisputable as road racer. Thanks for the excellent products.

Alex Garcia

I 100% – agree – I have been using Hammer products for almost as long as Steve – :-) – thank you Brian for your commitment!!

Nate Loman

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