Cycling Time Trials and the Compex Sport EMS

By Compex

The Compex Sport Electrical Muscle Stimulator reduced the rate of recovery (normally requiring a minimum of 21 to maximum of 52 days) to less than 7 days in a 63 -year-old male endurance cyclist as indicated by 8 performance bests recorded in 9 time-trial tests (7 are shown above) within a 39-day period. Muscle recovery, after training or competition, was remarkably improved by the increased blood flow dynamics and accelerated removal of exercise-induced lactate blood concentrations. This protocol hastened recovery quality and conclusively contributed to personal-best cycling time- trial performance in this subject in the absence of any other known performance- enhancing intervention. Further research with appropriate controls, placebos, and double-blind crossover protocols are necessary to confirm that this intervention rabidly enhances recovery, resulting in optimal time-trial cycling performance.

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