Compex Off-Season Strength Training Pyramid


We hope you have been spending time getting all the benefits out of your Compex unit. In an effort to provide you with some specific strength training benefits, we have developed the following. As always, adjust as necessary to meet your fitness level and time constraints.

The following is a program of building strength during your off-season. The design is to build pure strength with expected muscle mass and weight gain. If you are concerned about gaining weight, I recommend the use of Resistance and Endurance only for building strength without significant muscle mass gains. Runners fit in this category.

This protocol will yield the best results if, as a minimum, you place the pads as shown in the pad placement book for your primary muscle group. Secondary groups can be combined with pad placement I describe in the Compex Tips article. For example, for cycling, I use the pads as shown for Quads. I combine glutes and hamstrings with the large pad combination and I have had great results this way. Just be advised that your best muscle fiber recruitment comes with the combination of 2 small pads and 1 large pad as the pad placement guide illustrates.

I suggest you finish this schedule about 4 weeks prior to your first important race of the season. You will have your maximum strength to efficiency ratio about a month after finishing this pyramid.

You can adjust the program as necessary. For instance, if you don't sprint in your competitions, you might skip the Explosive Strength cycle and just continue the Strength program for an additional 4 weeks. Whenever possible, I highly recommend you run the Active Recovery immediately following each session. I often stop the cool down about 5 minutes into it and select the Active Recovery while the pads are still in place.

This pyramid will consist of:
Resistance - 4 weeks - This is a muscle adaptation phase
Strength - 8 weeks - For building pure strength and muscle mass
Explosive Strength - 4 weeks - To develop sprint strength
Resistance - 4 weeks - As a taper into your racing season

BLUE = Increases in Intensity (mA)
RED = Increases in Level

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