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After a successful partnership in 2018, Hammer Nutrition is excited to return to The North Face Endurance Challenge Series as the official Hydration Sponsor in 2019. We've sponsored events for over 20 years. Last year, we sponsored over 800 events in all 50 states and the District of Columbia - we support your sport! Out of all the events we sponsor, one series stands alone: The North Face Endurance Challenge Series, also known as the Endurance Challenge Series (ECS).

Events in the ECS are unlike any others in the trail-running world. Races occur over the entire year across the entirety of the United States. Earlier this year, runners tackled the ECS in Washington, DC and in New York, New York. There are three races left: Massachusetts (June 6-7), Wisconsin (September 14-15), and California (November 16-17). Every event offers near-luxurious planning, staffing, and course marking. (The running joke is that you have to try to get lost - that's how well-marked the trails are.)

After attending a few ECS events last year, Hammer Nutrition fueling expert Steve Born can't wait to return. Describing his first year at ECS, Steve recounts, From my experiences attending the 2018 ECS, I found that the support is thoroughly professional and absolutely first rate - the best I've ever seen. The staff and volunteers are super friendly, mega-helpful, and genuinely enthusiastic. They go to great pains to make sure that the aid stations are well-stocked, among many other things. I will also readily admit that a big part of the allure of attending some of the ECS events was getting to meet Dean Karnazes, an athlete who I really admired, but who was also a bit bigger than life to me.

Along with Dean Karnazes and The North Face, Hammer Nutrition is excited to announce a new addition to the ECS program this year. Prior to each race, Hammer Nutrition will team up with Dean Karnazes and The North Face to offer a warm-up run with Dean followed by an expert fueling clinic with Steve Born. Shake off the jitters with a pre-race run with Ultra Marathon Man Dean Karnazes before bringing your toughest fueling and nutrition challenges to the clinic with Steve. Stay tuned to Hammer and the ECS social media accounts to catch the details for where to meet Dean and Steve for the events in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and California.

The Hammer Nutrition team will also be on-site on race day at each event serving Hammer products and nutrition knowledge. Of course, runners are treated to Hammer products at all the aid stations along the course. Depending on which event you run - there are 50 Mile, 50K, Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, and Kids' 1K events - you may need to stop by the Hammer tent and pick up a few Hammer Gels for the run.

Look over your race calendar and pencil in one of the remaining ECS events. You'll be treated like royalty as you enjoy some of the best trail running to be found anywhere. You may even get the chance to have a photo op with Ultra Marathon Man Dean Karnazes! For more details or to register.

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