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SOS: Maximize Recovery


Training doesn't make you faster. Training makes you tired. Recovery makes you faster.

It's hard to accept, but true. Recovery is what matters. Do it right, you'll build up stronger, recover faster and have more fun, sooner. Blow it and undo the hard work of the days, set yourself back, and delay your next effort or adventure. Habitually neglecting recovery will suppress your immune system, disrupt hormonal function and set you up for injuries.

Nail your recovery every time, feel your best and reap the benefits, with these advanced recovery tips and tools.

1. Get the macronutrients you need: The first step is refilling the tank. Recoverite makes it easy. Drop 2-4 scoops (depending on workout length and intensity) in cold water, shake and consume. Your muscles will soak up those complex carbs and rapidly absorbable whey protein isolate in mere moments due to the optimal 3:1 ratio. The addition of electrolytes and the recovery-boosting amino acid glutamine rounds out the equation perfectly.

2. Support your hormonal and adrenal systems: Your body registers all hard physical exertion the same. The adrenal system shifts into high gear, running in fight or flight mode for the duration. Maximizing recovery is all about getting into a restful, anabolic state as quickly as possible after you're done. The following minerals support this process:

Chromemate: This inexpensive yet powerful mineral enhances carbohydrate storage and metabolism. Chromium is the master blood sugar-regulating mineral and supports proper insulin response - one of the most important anabolic drivers in your body. As an added benefit, it will help keep your energy and hunger levels balanced all day.

Magnesium: Arguably the most important mineral in the human body - (and unfortunately, one of the most common deficiencies in the US) - magnesium works synergistically with Chromemate to drive insulin function.

Additionally, magnesium plays important roles in adrenal health, promoting relaxation and calm, helping the body move out of fight and flight and into rest and digest. The role it plays in muscle relaxation and the alleviation of cramps is also essential for recovery, and also helps promote restful sleep.

Boron. This little-known nutrient is all but vacant from industrialized farming soils (and thus our food), but is essential for restoring exercisedepleted hormone levels. High volume/training-athletes should take 5-15 mg daily, and everyone should take it after their hardest sessions.

3. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals: Neutralize free radicals, and resupply the vitamins and minerals your body used during exercise with Premium Insurance Caps. Take 2-4 capsules every day and an additional 2-4 following a workout. You'll protect your immune system, reduce soreness and increase energy levels. For additional antioxidant support, add in Mito Caps, Super Antioxidant and AO Booster.

4. Quench Inflammation: By its nature, exercise creates inflammation. Tissue Rejuvenator quenches it while also providing the raw materials needed for joint and connective tissue to function and repair. Take 2-4 capsules with your Recoverite following workouts and another 2 capsules later in the day. Anyone with osteoarthritis, joint health issues, or recovering from an injury should take 4-8 capsules daily.

Boost Tissue Rejuvenator's impact with EndurOmega, Hammer's omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Take 4 capsules each day, at least two of them following your workout.

5. Nighttime Rebuild: To maximize muscle repair and naturally increase human growth hormone while you sleep, mix 1 scoop of Hammer Whey in 6-8 ounces of water and drink just before bed. This provides the body with the amino acids it needs to rebuild your muscles stronger, during your period of greatest recovery - sleep.

Of course, none of these tools can stand in for proper rest or a diet rich in whole foods. But combine these tips with a healthful lifestyle and regular rest, and you'll be on track for performances and adventures you'd previously only dreamed of.

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