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Helping you to get lean and stay lean!

By Steve Born

New Product

We are extremely excited to announce the arrival of Phytolean, a truly remarkable product and the ideal complement to Appestat, designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. If you're struggling to get your weight down and keep the weight off, especially if you're a "carb junkie," Phytolean is a product that we guarantee will work for you. Put Phytolean to the test and see for yourself just how powerful this new weapon in the weight-loss war really is. We have absolutely no doubt that you will be VERY pleased with the results!

In a nutshell, Phytolean:

  • Helps to increase your body's fat-burning potential
  • Aids in reducing fat absorption
  • Blocks the digestion and absorption of starchy, complex carbohydrates

All of these effects help you to lose weight, maintain ideal blood sugar levels, and achieve optimal body composition. I was one of the test subjects who used Phytolean, and I have lost significant weight and have kept it off, without any side effects such as those that can occur from stimulant-based weight-loss products. All of us who have used Phytolean have seen dramatic body composition improvements, and we guarantee that you will as well!

The Phytolean formula and how it works

Every two capsules of Phytolean contains the following ingredients:

400 mg of Razberi-K raspberry ketone - This is a major aromatic found in red raspberries. There are two mechanisms by which raspberry ketone helps with weight reduction:

1. Increasing fat metabolism - The chemical structure of raspberry ketone is similar to the structures of capsaicin and synephrine, two compounds known to exert antiobese actions and alter the lipid metabolism in favor of fat weight loss. Raspberry ketone increases a process known as norepinephrine-induced lipolysis. Supplementation with raspberry ketone also appears to result in a higher secretion of adiponectin, a hormone. Both of these effects - increased norepinephrine-induced lypolsis and higher levels of adiponectin - enhance the breakdown ("burning") of fat.

2. Decreased fat absorption and storage - Raspberry ketone assists in inhibiting a primary step in the absorption of fat, trioleoylglycerol hydrolysis. Additionally, not only does an increase in adiponectin result in increased metabolism of fat, it also is associated with a decrease in fat storage.

1000 mg of Fabenol Max„¢ Phaseolus Vulgaris L. - The extract from the white kidney bean is commonly referred to as a "starch blocker" or "carbohydrate blocker." This "blocking" effect is due to its ability to reduce the activity of an enzyme known as alpha amylase, which is involved in starch breakdown and sugar absorption. When less of the alpha amylase enzyme is available, there is a greater potential for more carbohydrates (primarily starchy carbohydrates) to be excreted from the body instead of being assimilated into sugars and stored as body fat. This effect may also support healthy blood sugar levels.

The research - Raspberry Ketone & Phaseolus Vulgaris L.

Morimoto et al [2005] performed a study to clarify whether raspberry ketone helps prevent obesity and activate lipid metabolism in rodents. To test the effect on obesity, they designed two in vivo experiments:

  • Mice fed a high-fat diet including 0.5, 1, or 2% RK for ten weeks.
  • Mice given a high-fat diet for six weeks and subsequently fed the same high-fat diet containing 1% RK for the next five weeks.

Raspberry ketone prevented the highfat- diet-induced elevations in body weight and the weights of the liver and visceral adipose tissues (epididymal, retroperitoneal, and mesenteric). Raspberry ketone also decreased these weights and hepatic triacylglycerol content after they had been increased by a high-fat diet. Raspberry ketone significantly increased norepinephrine-induced lipolysis associated with the translocation of hormone-sensitive lipase from the cytosol to lipid droplets in rat epididymal fat cells. They concluded that RK prevents and improves obesity and fatty liver. These effects appear to stem from the action of RK in altering the lipid metabolism, or more specifically, in increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis in white adipocytes.

Researchers examined a dietary supplement containing 445 mg of Phaseolus Vulgaris L. extract derived from the white kidney bean, previously shown to inhibit the activity of the digestive enzyme alpha amylase, on body composition of overweight human subjects. Celleno et al [2007] conducted a randomized, double-blinded, placebocontrolled study on 60 pre-selected, slightly overweight volunteers whose weight had been essentially stable for at least six months. The volunteers were divided into two groups, homogeneous for age, gender, and body weight. The test product containing Phaseolus Vulgaris L. extract the placebo was taken daily for 30 days before a main meal rich in carbohydrates. Subjects body weight, fat and non-fat mass, skin fold thickness, and waist/hip/thigh circumferences were measured. After 30 days, subjects receiving Phaseolus Vulgaris L. extract with a carbohydrate-rich, 2,000-2,200-calorie diet had significantly greater reduction of body weight, body mass index (BMI), fat mass, adipose tissue thickness, and waist/hip/thigh circumferences, while maintaining lean body mass compared to subjects receiving placebo. The researchers concluded that Phaseolus Vulgaris L. extract produces significant decrements in body weight and suggest decrements in fat mass in the face of maintained lean body mass.

Dr. Bill Misner's case report

A single 56-year-old female and 69-year old male were recruited to test this product with the instructions that they should to take two capsules prior to normal-calorie meals or as many as three capsules prior to higher caloric meals for up to three months. Both subjects lost significant body fat weight with no reported negative side effects.


While weight-loss products usually come with numerous promises, the overwhelming majority are unrealistic at the very least. That's not the case with Phytolean. All of us who have used Phytolean have seen noticeable weight loss. Even better, continued use of Phytolean has definitely helped us keep that weight off.

I have used test samples of Phytolean since January 2013. Along with some adjustments in my diet, more consistent exercise, tweaking my supplement program a bit, and daily use of Phytolean, I have lost a whopping 40 pounds! Yes, I still had to put in the work and exercise more frequently, but thanks to the help of Phytolean, I'm in the best shape I've been in years.

Losing weight and keeping it off is never an easy proposition, but with Phytolean you have a truly powerful and safe ally that will help you get to your target weight and stay there. It's safe, natural, and downright effective. Order a supply and give it a thorough test . . . you won't be disappointed, we guarantee it! HN

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