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Energy Surge

An effective burst of energy on demand!

By Steve Born

There's a simple reason why this product has been in the Hammer Nutrition lineup for more than two decades - Energy Surge really works! Roughly five years ago, company owner and CEO Brian Frank wrote:

"When we introduced our sublingual (absorbed orally/under the tongue) Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) supplement, we were ridiculed for selling "snake oil" by exercise physiologists, biochemists, and nutritionists alike. Since ATP is literally the energy source that our body runs on, being able to add to what the body makes by taking a pill would be a very significant innovation. However, our detractors claimed that orally ingested ATP could never reach the cellular level because it would be broken down in the stomach and turned into relatively mundane phosphate particles. Fast forward 20 years and we now have a patented form of orally administered ATP with research to back it up. More importantly, our clients who use Energy Surge consistently report increases in energy and less fatigue."

Energy Surge

Each Energy Surge tablet contains 100 mg of PEAK ATP, the patented form of adenosine triphosphate that Brian refers to. ATP, the chemical compound (the "energy currency" of the cell) that provides the overwhelming majority of energy needed by your body, is formed from a long chain of metabolic events in which a variety of substrates are transferred from the foods you eat, primarily carbohydrates. Under normal conditions, such as at rest, the body can produce all the ATP it needs. But during stressful conditions, such as high-intensity exercise, your body rapidly depletes its ATP stores and cannot replenish them quickly enough by normal means, which creates a shortage.

That's where Energy Surge comes in. Dr. Bill Misner explains that Energy Surge "aids in filling the energy deficit gaps that can occur when the body is stressing to produce energy upon extreme demand. Taking ATP in a sublingual dose when fatigue is sensed may act as a preventative primer for the ATPendogenous pump."

When you put an Energy Surge tablet under your tongue and let it dissolve, you get a nice boost of energy exactly when you need it . . . simple as that. It's a "use as needed" product, so don't be shy about taking it frequently during your workouts and races, especially when you need an extra burst of energy. Recommended dosage varies greatly from athlete to athlete. Some athletes take one tablet every 15 minutes for hours on end, while others find that one tablet an hour works best for them. Bottom line is that you'll want to test it in training to determine your optimum dosage.

"I used Energy Surge all last season whenever I knew I had a tough climb coming. I took between two to four tablets 10 minutes prior to the climb. I also took it during endurance events, when I felt like my muscles were starting to say, 'thats enough' and struggled to keep the pace. I definitely felt the difference, especially as the level built up in my system. The older one gets, the more difficult it becomes for our mitochondria to produce the ATP needed for intense athletic activity. Energy Surge fills the gap." - Mike M.

Thousands of athletes have attested to the effectiveness of Energy Surge - shouldn't you be one of them? HN

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