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Nothing compares to Recoverite

By Hammer Nutrition

Not even chocolate milk!

Before you jump on the chocolate milk "bandwagon," take a closer look at it in comparison to Recoverite. Once you do, it'll be clearly evident that Recoverite is the true ultimate recovery drink. Chocolate milk simply can't compare when it comes to maximizing recovery.

CARBOHYDRATES - The nearly 12.5 grams of carbohydrate in 100 calories of chocolate milk is comprised of sucrose, lactose, and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). If you're at all serious about your overall health, let alone enhancing your recovery, you are likely trying to avoid excess sugar and HFCS in your diet.

Not only does 100 calories of Recoverite contain nearly 36% more carbohydrates than chocolate milk, none of them are in the form of simple sugars, lactose, or HFCS. Recoverite contains only complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin) and a small amount of xylitolboth overwhelmingly better choices than the low quality carbs found in chocolate milk.

PROTEIN - Over 80% of the protein in chocolate milk is in the form of casein, and the remainder is in the form of whey. Based solely on its bioavailability, casein is a poor protein source for recovery, with a mediocre Biological Value (BV) rating of 77.

You'll receive significantly more protein in 100 calories of Recoverite than you will with chocolate milk, and you won't find inferior protein sources such as casein. Pure, 100% whey protein isolate is the ONLY type of protein in Recoverite, offering the following benefits:

  • The highest BV rating (154) of any protein source
  • A greater percentage of the all-important branched chain amino acids than any protein source

When it comes to optimizing recovery, whey protein isolate has absolutely no peer.

FAT - Whole chocolate milk has nearly 5 grams of fat in 100 calories, and the overwhelming majority of those are saturated . . . definitely not beneficial for recovery or overall health. Recoverite contains no fat, saturated or otherwise - end of discussion!

rBGH AND ANTIBIOTICS - Non organic chocolate milk may contain traces of unwanted hormones and antibiotics used in the beef and dairy industries. Recoverite contains none.


To get the full value out of all the time and energy you put into your training, you MUST put the highest quality fuel back into your body. Because recovery is such a key component of athletic performance, you simply can't cut corners. When you compare chocolate milk's profile to that of Recoverite, it's abundantly clear that there's really no comparison. Recoverite, not chocolate milk, is the true "state of the art" recovery drink! HN

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