Introducing Hammer Phood

Our newest nutrient-dense meal replacement


The idea of a Hammer meal replacement product (MRP) goes back at least 10 or 15 years. Why it took us so long to bring one to market is a good question. One of my favorite sayings is, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second best time to plant a tree is today.” So it is in that vein that I am pleased to announce the first-ever true meal replacement product from Hammer Nutrition, which we simply call Hammer PHOOD. The reason I did not create an MRP until now was that it just did not feel right. Certainly I could have done a “clean” version of the typical MRPs, but that is pretty close to Recoverite®, which I have always said could be effectively used as an MRP. However, Recoverite lacks fat, which is really important for satiety, so it really serves more as a meal bridge than replacement.

The next part of the MRP story is my evolution through diet theory and practice. I have tried to abstain from refined sugar and encouraged all of you to do the same. The challenge here is that refined sugar is usually replaced with natural sugars and foods that our body identifies as sugar. This is a huge improvement from the “sugar’s not that bad, I don’t eat that much” denial, but it still does not fully achieve a practice that avoids sugar.

Any diet that restricts or eliminates sugar and wheat is a diet I support. Furthermore, we now know that the “low fat” fad diets of the past were largely based on flawed research that diverted attention from sugar and blamed fat and cholesterol for our major diseases.

The last piece of the puzzle is my growing collaboration with Dr. Bayne French. As an informed, educated and credentialed expert in bariatric medicine, hardcore endurance athlete, and mountain man survivalist, Dr. French has spent the better part of the past two decades studying macronutrient intake and its effect on our health and well being. His advocacy for a higher fat diet combined with intermittent fasting is compelling and has been a revelation for me.

Ironically, I taught him how to fuel for OCR and the other endurance events in which he excels. It was inevitable that two guys who can’t stop developing products would soon come together to create a unique one. The result is Hammer PHOOD, a high protein, high fat, low carb, minimal ingredient powdered drink mix that truly fits the definition of a healthy meal replacement product. It will be an MRP for both Hammer and Dr. French’s beriatric practice.

As is the case with every product that carries my brand, Hammer PHOOD underwent extensive bench testing for almost two years before being released to the public. In real-world testing, I didn’t go as far with Hammer PHOOD as we did with Perpetuem in 2001 when Steve Born did his double 508 record ride, but I did do some extreme testing. Initially, I used it as a substitute for either lunch or dinner. Eating breakfast and lunch, then having the MRP for dinner worked very well.

I also experimented with one MRP and one meal per day for a week, and that went well too. I preferred eating my main meal for lunch and the MRP for dinner, but vice versa worked as well.

The final test was 72 hours on nothing but Hammer PHOOD – 3 servings per day for three days and nothing else besides water. I maintained 30-90 minute daily moderate intensity exercise during this testing period. While I would not want to go for much longer than three days on nothing but Hammer PHOOD, I was amazed at how satiating the 240 calorie serving is. I would enjoy 4-5 hours of complete satiety without hunger pangs.

Now comes the fun part! We release the product into the wild and wait with bated breath to hear your feedback and creative uses! It should be in stock and shipping by the time you read this.

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