How to Fuel for Team Sports


Hammer Nutrition products are famous for helping people fuel for cycling, running, and triathlons. However, Hammer clients continually call to ask, “Can I use your products for (insert any team sport here) ?” The answer is yes! All Hammer Nutrition products are great for any physical activity at work or around the home, and they’re perfect for kids headed out onto the field or court. The challenging part for most Hammer clients is figuring out what to use and when to use it. Here’s what you need to know to fuel for any team sport.


With HEED, you can abandon the sugary sports drinks that litter the sidelines of every sport in America. HEED contains zero added sugars, is preservative-free, and is made with all-natural ingredients. Sip it gradually before and during practices and games for clean energy the entire time.


Hammer Gel is another low-sugar fuel in a land of sugar-laden sports snacks. Most teams give players sugary treats to spike their energy, but the ensuing energy crash harms every player’s performance. Take a Hammer Gel 15 minutes before and every 30-45 minutes during practices and games for smooth, consistent energy.


Fully Charged launches you to game-speed as soon as the first whistle blows. Its all-natural formula helps boost energy, focus, and concentration. Take one scoop or stick pack 30 minutes before practices and games. If needed, take another one halfway through. Note: Fully Charged contains a small amount of caffeine from green tea extract.


Conquer cramps with the easy solution of Endurolytes Extreme Powder. Add it to a water bottle to supply the ideal combination of electrolytes your body needs to function smoothly. Consume 1-2 scoops gradually during (not before) practices and games. Increase the amount on unusually hot days.


Recoverite is the key to prepping for the next day’s practice. Supplying your exhausted muscles with a variety of nutrients will help build strength, increase endurance, and reduce soreness. Take one serving within 30 minutes of finishing every practice and game.

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