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Full-Spectrum CBD is Here!

Hammer Nutrition’s CBD Lineup Now Includes Formulas With Up To 0.3% THC


Since 2018, Hammer Nutrition has offered the highest-quality broad-spectrum CBD products available in a wide variety of formats. Whether it’s one of our two strengths of softgels, the water-soluble Hydro tincture, one of the three potencies of oil-based tinctures, or our topical balm, Hammer Nutrition has you covered.

We’re excited to announce the addition of full-spectrum formulas to our CBD offerings. Full-spectrum CBD softgels come in a 25 mg strength and are available in 30- and 90-count bottles. Full-spectrum oil-based CBD tinctures come in the standard 1 fluid ounce (30 mL) bottle in 750 mg and 1500 mg potencies.


Within hemp extract, there are a over 100 cannabinoids as well as terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds, all of which provide numerous benefits for many aspects of human health.

One of the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant is THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol). Broad-spectrum formulas have all of the aforementioned cannabinoids, terpenes, and more present, with the exception of THC. Hammer Nutrition’s broad-spectrum CBD formulas have 0.0% THC content. If you’re a drug-tested athlete, subject to drug tests, or if you’re one of the countless people who simply don’t want any THC in their bodies, a broad-spectrum formula is what you want.

In a full-spectrum formula everything is present , including up to 0.3% THC. This formulation is often a more attractive option (especially for anyone not subject to drug testing) because of what is known as the “entourage effect.” This describes the synergistic benefits experienced when all of the compounds in the hemp plant are consumed together. While a broad-spectrum formula offers tremendous benefits, a full-spectrum formula offers even better, more complete “entourage effect” benefits.


Hammer Nutrition continues to lead the industry with the best price per milligram. The good news is that we are able to offer our new full-spectrum products at the exact same price as our broad-spectrum products. Broad- and full-spectrum tinctures, as well as our nanoemulsified softgels are as low as 6.6 cents per mg. Our topical balm is still just 10 cents per mg.

Whatever CBD formula you’re looking for, we have it. Even more importantly, you can have complete confidence that each and every one of Hammer Nutrition’s CBD offerings is the purest to be found. Premium-quality and highly effective. We guarantee it!


*We do not have data yet on whether consuming our full-spectrum CBD will cause a false positive on a 5-panel DOT standardized drug test. In October, we will begin our internal testing program to determine if it can trigger a positive result and how much/how long it will take. We’ll be publishing these results on ENW as they become available.

If you are subject to drug testing, be sure to read about how you will never fail a drug test using our broad-spectrum Hammer CBD.
Hammer CBD Passes All Drug Tests

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