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7 Recovery Tips

For your toughest workouts


Recovering thoroughly between all your workouts - even the easier ones - is undeniably important. But what about those ridiculously hard workouts, the ones after which you tell yourself, Oh, am I going to be sore tomorrow. I doubt I'll be able to function? After those kinds of training sessions, do you simply resign yourself to the possibility that even getting out of bed may be difficult?

It doesn't have to be that way! Apply these steps and I'll bet you'll wake up the next day feeling a whole lot better than you ever thought you would!

1. Consume a double serving(four scoops) of Recoverite right after the workout's done. After a grueling training session, you may find that you're just too tired to whip up a high qualitysit down meal and that your stomach isn't ready for solid food anyway. You still have to refill the tank, though, especially after such a brute of a workout, and that's where a double serving of Recoverite is in order. Your body will receive, and soak up, a most-generous 66 grams of complex carbs, 20 grams of whey protein isolate, and six grams of glutamine. Recovery has now begun in superb fashion!

2. Take one capsule each of Chromemate and Essential Mg with your Recoverite. This is an inexpensive yet powerful way to enhance glycogen synthesis and storage capabilities. To quote Dr. Bill Misner, the anabolic response for converting carbohydrates to muscle glycogen will not completely take place in the absence of GTF chromium (Chromemate). Consuming a sufficient amount of carbohydrates along with Chromemate will result in a 300% increase in the rate of glycogen synthesis compared to no supplementation.

Magnesium is the perfect complement to chromium for proper insulin function. A wealth of research shows that supplementation with this all important mineral helps improve insulin function as well as how efficiently and effectively the cells take in blood glucose. Magnesium also protects against insulin resistance, a condition in which your cells' ability to respond to insulin is diminished, which is an important factor in how well they move glucose from the bloodstream and into your muscles and other tissues.

3. Take one capsule of Boron with your Recoverite. Taking supplemental boron on a daily basis is an excellent idea, as this trace mineral plays numerous roles in many general health areas. Boron is also key for restoring exercise-depleted hormone levels to normal, so it's a must-take nutrient after a super-arduous, hormone-depleting training session.

4. Resupply vitamins! After an I'm not sure how I'm going to recover workout, your body is begging for nutrient support. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are in high need during this time. Hammer Nutrition's Premium Insurance Caps (a dose of four to seven capsules) will resupply the vitamins and minerals your body needs as well as some antioxidants. Additionally, Hammer's arsenal of potent antioxidant supplements, including Mito Caps (two capsules per dose), Super Antioxidant (one to two capsules), and AO Booster (one capsule now, one capsule later with a meal), will supply wide-ranging protection against the damaging effects of free radicals.

5. Take this trio to help put the fire out! Tissue Rejuvenator and/or Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator (many athletes use a combination of both) are great products for alleviating both muscle and joint soreness. They really shine when used after those super hard training sessions. Take two to four capsules of either Rejuvenator with your Recoverite and another two capsules with a later meal to supply your body with a wide range of nutrients that reduce swelling.

AO Booster, mentioned earlier, is not only a potent antioxidant supplement, but everything in the product has soreness-alleviating properties as well.

It's an ideal complement to Tissue Rejuvenator. Take one AO Booster capsule with your Recoverite and another capsule with a later meal.

Lastly, among their many benefits, the omega-3 fatty acids in EndurOmega are well-known for alleviating muscle and joint soreness. I recommend taking two capsules with your post-workout meal plus another two capsules at another time during the day.

6. Use different types of Hammer CBD. Research continues to reveal bountiful benefits provided by the wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. Topically applied Hammer CBD Balm is especially beneficial for those particularly achy muscles and joints. Hammer CBD softgels or tinctures will also help alleviate soreness and aches while promoting many other aspects of optimal recovery. Perhaps oral CBD's greatest benefit is its ability to enhance sleep quality and duration, both of which are absolutely essential for maximizing recovery from exercise as well as promoting overall health.

7. Consume one scoop of Hammer Whey Protein prior to bedtime. You don't necessarily need to do this after every workout, but definitely make whey protein consumption a habit prior to hitting the sack after your toughest training sessions . . . you'll definitely feel much better the next morning.

Mix one scoop of Hammer Whey Protein in six to eight ounces of water, drink it, then brush your teeth and go to bed. Simple! The body now has an excellent dose of amino acids which it will use during a time (sleep) when it runs many of its reparation/recuperative processes. The six grams of glutamine you'll ingest will elevate serum human growth hormone (hGH) levels, which leads to anabolic (muscle-building) effects. Whey protein is also the best protein source for alleviating muscle soreness, so you'll receive that benefit as well.

With these seven tips and an eye toward recovery support, you'll be feeling better and stronger from the moment you finish your workout to the next time you start activity.

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