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As an innovation-focused company that has spent 33 years in a relentless pursuit of excellence, we spend a lot of time and resources looking for every possible way to make your interactions with us positive, productive, and that suit your preferences. This is especially true when it comes to the ordering process, which has changed dramatically over the past several years and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. So much so that we are coming up to a hard split between the way we handle web orders and phone orders, with the former going totally “new school” and the latter being “old school.” One thing that is not changing and never will is our total commitment to helping you in any way we can.

“If you know exactly what you want and want it fast, web ordering is for you!”

New school ordering via the website is literally the model of speed and efficiency. Orders submitted via the website will process automatically and ship in minutes or hours with no human contact between the submit button and printing in the warehouse for fulfillment. You’ll also be able to completely manage your account through the site including subscriptions, shipping preferences, payment methods, and more. However, with speed and efficiency come some limitations. We’ll no longer be able to change an order once that submit button gets pushed. So, if you know exactly what you want and want it fast, or just prefer the digital shopping experience, web ordering is for you!

“If you want a personally tailored fueling strategy for a big event, please call!”

Old school ordering will always be available via our toll-free 800 number; the same one I have had since 1987. We are still here and will gladly take your call. In fact, I tell every one of my staff this one thing: There is nothing any of us could be doing that is more important than answering a ringing phone to speak with a client. What is surprising to so many clients these days is that we actually want you to call us! You will never get an autoattendant menu or oblivious “order taker” when you call Hammer. So, if you prefer to talk to a real person like me or Steve or one of my other happy, well-trained staff (who are eager to help you and not trying to sell you more than you need), please call! If you are not exactly sure which of our many products are best for you, please call. If you might want to change or add items to your order before it ships, please call! If you want a personally tailored fueling strategy for a big event, please call. If you have a 3-, 4-, or 5-digit client ID number, please call us—just like you used to 20-30 years ago!

Keep that feedback coming so we can continue to improve our products and processes to serve you better. You can reach us digitally by sending an email to, calling us at 800.336.1977, or utilizing our online chat feature. We are here to help you through whatever medium you choose.

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