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Gold Standard Hammer CBD Worldwide!

We’re very proud to announce that so many athletes had rave reviews about their performance and enhanced recovery properties with Hammer’s CBD, they’ve told friends all over the globe! In the first half of 2021 we’ve seen an uptick in both popularity and recognition of Hammer’s own Gold Standard CBD tinctures, soft gels, and topicals in the outdoor and endurance community.

The debut of this newest product line and the development and understanding of the regulatory environment around it, have finally allowed us to bring CBD into the recovery arsenal of many more athletes.

That has been accomplished by our valued international distributors in the UK, Austria, Hungary, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, and Venezuela (and Mexico will be added to that list later this year), who have all brought Hammer’s Gold Standard CBD into their lineup. With their investment, we’re able to bring this highly sought-after product onto the shelves of more shops and into the hands of more clients.

The Hammer Nutrition brand is known as a reputable and trusted source for all things fueling and recovery, and it’s clear that for CBD especially there is a need for both a high quality product and the knowledge to use it effectively.

So, whether it's in orally dosed softgels, an oil-based tincture, a water-soluble Hydro, or our topically applied balm, we absolutely guarantee that ultra-pure, 0.0% THC Hammer CBD products will make a massively positive difference in your workouts, your races, and your life. That's how beneficial CBD supplementation is!

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