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CBD Balm for Ultras

Add topical CBD to your fueling program


One of the things that has always amazed me about new products is the way clients find new ways of using them after they have been brought to market. Fully Charged is the best example—we designed and bench tested that product exclusively as a pre-workout supplement and positioned it that way when it launched. However, not long after its introduction, we began getting reports from clients about their use of this product as a non-stimulant “pick me up” during ultra distance events. This has now become as common a use as its original intended use. I think that’s pretty cool.

Hammer CBD Balm is the most recent product we’ve seen this phenomena. I designed the balm with no heating or cooling analgesics for use AFTER exercise and during periods of inactivity, recovery, and primarily for use on joints and connective tissue. Then we started getting feedback from clients getting good results using it on joints during events, knees mostly.

Recently, I was catching up with Dustin Phillips, an extremely gifted cyclist who was my first employee when I moved the company to Montana in 1995. Over the past 26 years, Dustin’s athletic resume has been filled with bike racing of every discipline, including fifty 100-milers and dozens of 24s.

As a followup to our conversation, Dustin wrote me about his experimentation of adding Hammer CBD Balm to his already successful ultra regimen:

"I have experimented with various delivery systems of CBD and love the Hammer CBD Balm. In 2020's 24 Hours of Old Pueblo, my team won the four-person single speed team division. Although I was the oldest person on the team, I had some of the fastest and most consistent laps, and did the most laps. Why? Hammer CBD Balm. The protocol between laps was Recoverite and Hammer Bars with a lot of avocados. I would then wash my legs off and take 15 min to rub in a liberal coat of Hammer CBD Balm before resting until my next outlap. General fatigue is unavoidable, but my legs felt strong the whole 24 hours. Honestly I was truly amazed at how much of a difference adding the CBD muscle rubs into my routine made."

"Fast forward to Fall 2020, and no races on the calendar. I had a goal to ride a section of Arizona Trail from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon and back, a 200 mile effort, selfsupported. I have never ridden that distance before nonstop, and with a lot of unknowns. What was known is Hammer CBD Balm was a must. As I tapered in the days leading up to the effort, I would apply CBD balm daily and the last couple days applying twice a day. It was an epic ride, totaling 17 hours on the bike and my legs felt great the whole way. Two days later I was putting in hard efforts with a friend on gravel bike adventure in southern Arizona, legs were good…everything else not as much."

"Based on my experiments with Hammer CBD Balm and the results it delivered, it’s a permanent addition to my ultra game plan."

So, if you tend to go long, think about adding Hammer CBD Balm to your Hammer fueling program!

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