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Superstar Products for Recovery


In the last issue of Endurance News, we published 7 Recovery Tips for Your Toughest Workouts (pages 38-39). While we discussed the importance of refilling the tank with Recoverite ASAP after your workouts, undoubtedly the most important step in kick-starting the recovery process, we also mentioned some supplements we recommend for recovery.

In this article, I rank the supplements that are my favorite for supporting full and complete recovery. If your list is different, that's OK! Whether your favorite Hammer Nutrition recovery-benefiting supplement is #1 or #7 here, or may not have even made the list, as long as you're using it consistently and experiencing better recovery between your workouts, you're doing it right!


Hammer CBD. In my view, there is no other class of nutrients that provides as wide a range of benefits as the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant do. You won't find a more powerful supplement than Hammer CBD for alleviating aches and soreness. CBD also has potent antioxidant properties for powerful immune system support and it has been shown to enhance sleep quality and duration, essential for maximizing exercise recovery and overall health.

Two & Three

Chromemate and Essential Mg. One of the ways your body rewards you for your training efforts is by storing more minutes of fuel in the muscles as glycogen. With this reward, you start future races with more on-board fuel that's ready to serve you.


AO Booster. Comprised of three nutrients/nutrient compounds that are extraordinary fat-soluble antioxidants, AO Booster also alleviates aches and soreness. In fact, AO Booster's nutrients supply so many benefits, we wrote about each one of them separately!


Tissue Rejuvenator/Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator. What?!? TR is only #5? How can that be? It's my #1 recovery product! If that's what you're thinking, you won't get an argument from me. While they aren't at the top of my list, TR/VTR are definitely go-to products for me; I take one to two capsules of each of product twice daily. The personal reason for my TR/VTR ranking isn't because of any weakness in the products' effectiveness, but has more to do with showing how vitally important the ones listed above are in my personal recovery supplement program.


Mito Caps. In a blog post (, I provide the rationale for why all athletes would benefit from daily use of Mito Caps, number four on that list being particularly important for recovery.

Nearly every nutrient in the Mito Caps formula¦ I wrote, has powerful antioxidant properties. R-ALA is particularly impressive, as it is believed to be the only nutrient that functions as both a water- and fat-soluble antioxidant, with the ability to quench several different types of free radicals. Additionally, R-ALA enhances glutathione levels in the body. Glutathione is one of the primary antioxidants produced directly by the body, and it plays a key role in immune system health.


Super Antioxidant. How powerful is this product? Here's what Dr. Bill Misner once wrote: When I first proposed Super Antioxidant's formula to the manufacturer, they advised us that this combination would be too potent an antioxidant for human use. Since I had already tested the ingredients in my own training without side effects, but with good performance results, Brian Frank approved production, and we - as well as thousands and thousands of athletes - have enjoyed using it for years.

Enhanced circulation is another great benefit of Super Antioxidant. Any time you can boost circulation after exercise, helping clear out the metabolic waste products that accumulated during the training session, you're going to enjoy a quicker and more-complete recovery.

Additional support: Though they didn't make my Top Seven list, I also personally take Boron, Xobaline, and Premium Insurance Caps every day as part of my overall health supplement program, with these three products also helping support recovery after exercise.

Summary: A dual approach - Recoverite or Organic Vegan Recoverite for refueling the body and an intelligent supplement program such as the one listed in this article - is the best way to promote quick and complete recovery from your workouts, ensuring that your body will be ready to take on the demands you'll be placing on it in future workouts and in all your events and competitions.

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